Project Phoenix: Uru Ages in Unreal

Andy Legate, a prolific creator of new Ages for Uru (e.g. Neolbah, Eder Tomahn, Serene, etc.), has recently been experimenting with building in other 3D game engines, such as CryEngine and Unreal SDK.

The MOUL thread Did Someone Say…? includes some impressive screenshots of the results.

Currently Andy is battling with making a suitable game interface that doesn’t involve guns. The problem is that he is a modeller, not a coder or scripter, so progress is extremely slow.

So… are there any coders out there who might like to help make a Myst/Uru-style adventure game using the Unreal SDK?

Project discussions take place on the Phoenix subforum of The Devokan Trust, which has even more screenshots and videos.