New Greeters in MOULA, Second Life Getting Last Names Back

Trekluver posted in MOUL forums about starting up the New Greeters, reviving a new form of Guild of Greeters (GoG) not replacing it as he clarifies in his later posts. There is a lot of discussion (as usual) about previous, dormant GoG and a lot of support showing for Trekluver to include Cyan approval.  The Guild of Greeters has an illustrious history but has been dormant for a while for various reasons. Kudos to Trekluver for taking it upon himself to revive a wonderful tradition and trying to do it respectfully in regards to the previous guild incarnation.

Anyone interested in getting involved, the first meeting will be Tuesday, December 20th at 12:00 KI time (2:00 PM EST) in the Guild of Greeters Hood. Everyone (including non-New Greeters) is invited. Plans for the meeting will be to vote on administrators, hiring liaisons and other things that may impact the future of the guild. New members will also be accepted at this meeting. For more information you can contact Trekluver KI#01084648

A discussion has been opened at OpenUru and in the MOUL forum there is now a sticky for New Greeters Announcements in the Events Section. The original Guild of Greeters website is still available with an outstanding repository of walkthroughs, faqs, etc.

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Daniel Voyager reports that Rodvik Linden has announced in his blog that Last Names will be back, hopefully early in 2012 and possibly with some added features. For those of us who treasured being able to select a last name this is very nice news. Jira SVC-7125 that had been filed in July this year has gotten a lot of attention and it appears Linden Labs finally has taken note.

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For those using the Phoenix Viewer for Second Life, there is now a Mesh enabled version. There will be minimal to no support  for this viewer since most if not all the team is concentrating on the Firestorm viewer. Non-mesh Phoenix Viewer 1185 is the most stable version and the team recommends if you are having problems with the mesh-enabled Phoenix Viewer you may need to switch to Firestorm to resolve your issues.

Beach (atrebor Zenovka) has been testing out the various viewers and has provided a viewer comparison on his LakeBottomLab blog.  Nalates’ blog also provides great information on viewers and other issues.

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I have made a start learning Mesh in Blender and hoping to be able to show some results soon, though I admit to having been sidetracked a bit by receiving a copy of Elder Scrolls – Morrowind and I find I keep delving into that. Since it is an older game obviously the graphics are not as good but in some ways there is a Mystlike element running here that keeps me coming back. (think of being able to actually kill the beasties you see instead of simply observe them)

I will be in real trouble if I get Elder Scrolls Skyrim for Christmas as I hear really good things about it and that the graphics are phenomenal, lol.