Community Businesses in Second Life

Contact DMom2K Darwin in-world with a notecard to update or add your business to this page. If you would like to become an author to regularly post your business, contact DMom2K Darwin for further information.

Second Life Hunt News

Angelfire Teebrook let us know that the Far Hunt Group staff have begun to put together an in-world location dedicated to posting and promoting hunts across the grid by displaying the information in a single location at the Hunt & Hunter Resource Centre at Cookie Jar Village.

This is a free service and everyone is encouraged to join. Find hunts to follow, apply to or drop off info for the SL Hunts Blog. (See also Blogroll)

Business Sales Tools

Anything that helps business owners to advertise and  promote their products as well as expand their customer base is a good thing. If you find a group that does this well please send DMom2K Darwin a notecard in-world so we can add this valuable business too to the Business page.

Angelfire Teebrook passed information on this group:

Monday Blues Sales Group – weekly sales

Owners: Brandy Birge & Alissa Serenity

Head over to the main office and pick up a Designer’s Application.

Monday Blues Main Office @ Brandy’s Beachside Mall

Park Place

DeAnn Dufaux

Park Place Home Decor

Stop by the Park Place Store at Creator’s Village at the Builders Brewery for some sculpt maps (only available at this shop).   While you’re there, take a look around if you are a builder.   Textures, sculpts, animations, scripts, and building tools by some of the best creators in Second Life!


There’s a new kid in town! Park Place is now participating in the SLoupon Marketing group that launched on Friday. All items (for all merchants) on the SLoupon site are available at 30% – 50% off regular price *to Sloupon group members only*!!

You will find a group joiner and all of the Park Place Sale items – 20 of them – inside the door and to the right.

You can find more information here.


Park Place now has a blog as well as pictures up on Flickr. check it out (still working on it). Leave me a comment if you’d like. I’d love to know what you think. : )


Also something new!! We’ve opened the lower level. The first room will have discounted items for you to look through.

The second room – well, Park Place is going adult. We’ll be offering furniture with not only singles, and cuddles animations but will also have a selection that will include adult animations as well. Look for it in the next week or two.




We’ve expanded into the full-perm area with sculpts and textures. A small selection for now but it will grow! You can find the store here.

Desk Sculpt Map

Frame Shelf Unit Sculpt Map

Bench with Cushions and Pillows




Hint :    The past is made of VINTAGE treasures

And…. oh yeah…. we’re in this fall’s STEAM 4 HUNT as well as Royal Living Magazine’s BACK TO SCHOOL HUNT!! –  both coming in September



Check these stores at the Park Place Mall Shoppes:

Spyralle – gorgeous clothing, jewelry, and decorative items

The Texture Source – wonderful textures

Black Tulip – professional scripts and scripting lesson books

Wishes & Whimsy – where I have my more “fantasy” pieces

Black Magic – building tools and more

Myst Remembered – fantastical!

Naturescapes – flowers, trees, and plants as well as some beautiful artwork

Fallen Again – acquire media streams, Sokit (a stream announcer), other “paraphernalia” XD Gadgets – business and teaching tools

and of course………. The Daily Grind – a venue committed to sustaining music in Second Life – karaoke, open mic, and live performances as well as recorded stream and dance parties in a friendly atmosphere for the experienced streamer or performer and the novice.


50 prims – 10 x 15 – $100 a week

100 prims – 20 x 15 – $200 a week

150 prims – 30 x 15 – $300 a week


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