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On Sunday, Sil-Oh-Wet posted an update on her CarePage. She says there has been some improvement, they have finally changed out her drain and her CSF drainage has gotten better. Waiting is frustrating for her but it appears she is making progress.

Jira #SVC-7125 – Bring Back Last Name Options has been getting a lot of press in many blogs. A lot of people want the option of a last name back. Today, Linden Labs finally commented on the Jira:

ProductTeam Linden added a comment – 01/Nov/11 1:18 PM

It’s clear there is a lot of interest in SVC-7125. The intent was for users to specify their last name using the Display Names feature found in
users’ profiles, which most Viewers now support. For those that haven’t used Display Names yet, you can also set them on the web: https://my.secondlife.com/settings/profile.

Know that we hear you and value your passion and that we are currently reviewing some of the decisions that were made with the username /Display
Names implementation.

A lot of interest continues on this topic and reading through the comments, it is a passionate one. If you have an interest in this, please vote and/or comment.

Those of you who have Phoenix may be waiting for the anticipated Phoenix Mesh viewer and many of us who use Firestorm are waiting for some fixes and the official version to come out. Jessica Lyon has finally explains why they have been so quiet (working hard on it) but still keeps us on the edge of our seat on the roll out date – unknown but supposedly soon. She indicates there were be some really neat features to Firestorm with Mesh upload and a right click > texture refresh for gray avatars and textures that won’t seem to load. There will also be a spell check in the goodies! Keep an eye on The Phoenix Viewer site for further information.

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