Who needs SL? Playing with SoaS

After a false start or two, I’ve got Ener Hax’s Sim-on-a-Stick, a relatively easy-to-use personal version of OpenSim, running on a MacBook Pro under Parallels/Win7.

One false start was caused by unzipping the downloaded soas073.zip on the Mac side and copying the unzipped folder to the USB stick. When I tried running the software from that folder OpenSim.exe terminated before loading any regions with a splendidly named nini.ini.iniexception (whatever that is). I think this was caused by the extra hidden files starting with ./ that were created on the Mac side.

So… I erased the USB stick, copied the zipped soas073.zip to it, made Parallels/Win7 mount the USB drive, then unzipped the file within Win7.

This time, when I followed the minimal setup instructions within SOAS_Start_and_Login.txt, it all went swimmingly.

Sim-on-a-Stick Success
Sim-on-a-Stick Success
This shows the console (the window with a black background); some of the files in the bin folder are in the background.

There are more pictures (arguably prettier ones) beyond the break…
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