New World Notes, Hypergrid Adventurers, and Devokan

Expanded Devokan Tao hub, 10 March 2012
It all started two weeks ago with a comment by John “Pathfinder” Lester on the photo of the expanded Devokan Tao hub in my Flickr stream:

Simply amazing. I am going to bring my Hypergrid Adventurers Club on a tour of these regions this week.

Hypergrid Adventurers Club? A tour THIS WEEK?

A few minutes with Google unearthed more details about the Hypergrid Adventurers Club, including their calendar. Today was Tuesday 10th April, and the next tour was scheduled for Thursday 12th. Panic!

The next couple of days I spent alerting the others and checking that all was working as it should be — this was potentially a chance to test out how well the server could cope with a larger group of visitors…

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Devokan-Tao news (OSgrid)

One of the things I’ve noticed about building in 3D worlds is that it can be difficult to let go of virtual space. So it is in this case.  😉

Shenn contacted me about a week ago, saying that he would like to experiment more with mesh in OSgrid. Now, other projects in real life are an issue for most of us on the Devokan-Tao team, so a reduction in virtual space makes sense. However, with OSgrid’s flexible set-up, we are able to downsize very easily.

The result is that Shenn and I will be sharing the costs of a smaller, less powerful server that will run a subset of the current Devokan-Tao regions.

One region, Inspiration, will be a sandbox for experiments in mesh — and everyone is welcome to come and try their hand here.

Other key regions will remain for exploration, enjoyment, relaxation:

  • Devokan Tao, complete with updated linking books to other Myst/Uru-style regions on OSgrid, such as Anarta and Colorado’s K’veer regions, Filbert’s Nuevo Relto and other areas, Mat’s wonderfully diverse environments, Nal’s guild hall;
  • Rivages du ciel, expanded with some new inspirational sky builds; and
  • Illusion, which will be the culmination on OSgrid of the current Devokan story.

At a later stage, as we see how well the server performs, further regions may be added.

But what about the current regions? What are the plans for those? Well, the current server will remain online until 25 January 2012. So, if you haven’t yet been able to take in all the sights and sounds of the Devokan-Tao regions, now’s your chance. And do, please, post screenshots of any areas that strike you as particularly photogenic — it would be great to build up a photographic record.

Having said that, all will not be lost: I’ll be saving back-up OAR files of all the regions so that they can be recreated at will at a later stage — one of the advantages of OpenSim!

Mapping the regions

Devokan-Tao-Windring regions 9 Nov 2011

No, this isn’t a map of an area in Second Life. Rather, it’s showing just a few of the Myst/Uru-style regions in OSgrid.

The easiest way of finding this set of islands (and others) is to search for “Devokan Tao” on the OSgrid map. Devokan Tao operates as a hub or nexus for these and other Myst/Uru-style regions across OSgrid.

In the map above, Paislee and Dot are working on the area to the north-west. The three Pathways regions are the latest additions.

Filbert’s regions are in the south-west. Nuevo Relto has a spectacular elevator to take visitors from ground level to the islands in the clouds. Gehnna (a work-in-progress) in the far west may be strangely familiar to fans of Riven…

The Tao regions are to the east (of course!). Leah’s Eoliah estate is to the north and east, extending as far as the five new regions of Jorasco.

Shenn’s regions are to the south. Despite appearances on this map they are not empty sea, as can be seen from this photo of Yugen by rocapc: