OpenUru Minkata test shard opens

Rarified announced on the OpenUru forums today the opening of the Minkata test shard.

Why is this important? As rarified explains:

The test shard will be the place where programming (and hopefully in the future, content) contributions to open source Uru projects can be experienced by players, and provide an opportunity for players to submit problem reports about those contributions. Exposing changes, fixes, and new features through public use of the shard is an essential step in identifying problems before those contributions are passed back to Cyan for incorporation into the public Myst Online Uru Live: Again game servers.

If you would like to help test things out, rarified outlines how to access the shard.

In another OpenUru post, Mac_Fife describes how to report bugs found on the shard. Two systems are available: JIRA (ultimately the preferred way, but some might find it dauntingly technical) and a far-friendlier support ticket system called Hesk.

I’ve tried out the latter — it is very straightforward to use.

Finally, and in connection with the above, JWPlatt is asking for volunteers:

We need volunteers to review bug reports and feature requests from this basic ticket system, then consolidate support requests into unique issues and enter them into our JIRA tracking system on Foundry. We expect all issue reports to eventually end up submitted as a JIRA issue, even if they do not start there. (For those who are familiar with JIRA, please use it directly to save time and effort.)

Experience with JIRA is a plus. No experience is necessary if you are an independent thinker and eager to learn.

So: some exciting developments and opportunities along the road to open-source MOULa.