Hunter’s Resource Center & CAVE – Community of Academic Virtual Educators

Hunter’s Resource Center

Angelfire Teebrook let us know that the Far Hunt Group staff have begun to put together an in-world location dedicated to posting and promoting hunts across the grid by displaying the information in a single location at the Hunter Resource Center.

This is a free service and everyone is encouraged to join. Find hunts to follow, apply to or post. Blog Coming (The D’ni Voice will add a link to the blogroll once we have it). This is also posted in the Community Business section and will be updated as we get more information.

CAVE – Community of Academic Virtual Educators

Do you think Uru could challenge students in schools? Or raise test scores? I have the data from my school that proves what we have known all along: Uru belongs in Schools!
Come hear Metabasalt Timeless present the latest studies of Uru in schools on Friday, March 16th at 5 PM STL at the VWBPE (Virtual Worlds: Best Practices in Education Conference) All are welcome.

The Virtual Worlds: Best Practices in Education is presenting it’s 5th annual conference from March 15 through March 17. There will be sessions and tours within Second Life and other virtual worlds/gaming platforms. Check out the Schedule for some interesting topics/tours that will be presented. Some of the Event will be broadcast on Treet TV. We will be looking forward to hearing Metabsalt’s presentation at this wonderful conference.

Minkata shard news

The Minkata test shard run by has been updated with some bug fixes that need testing. Here’s rarified’s announcement:

Changes in this update

Game script updates from H’uru team

  • D’Lanor:
    xChatChannelRegion v3.3 – Remove players from private chat channel if they link out
    xKI – Unknown senders of buddy messages are added to the Recents lists
    philBookshelf v1.1 – Hut camera no longer affects others when a player disengages the bookshelf
  • Adam Johnson:
    Fixed Jalak column saving/loading[/list]

Server updates

  • CJkelly1:
    Changed VaultSendNode handling to make the sending player the owner of the noderef.  Also changed the order of the SQL function parameters to match the order in the code.
  • A’moaca’:
    Fix SDL filename comparison to be case independent

New or fixed features that need testing

  • With multiple players in Phil’s Relto, have someone open and close books from the bookshelf.  Other players should not have their “camera”view affected by that player’s actions.
  • Have other players add you as a “buddy”, then send a message to all buddies.  That player should appear in the “recent” KI list.
  • If you have established a private chat channel with others, have one or more of those players link out of the current age.  They should disappear from the chat list and not see any further chat messages to that private channel.
  • Confirm you can save and restore Jalak game states
  • Make sure that the sender of a KI message is properly identified in the recipient’s received message header.
  • See if the DRC vest is available in Phil’s Relto.

As usual, send in bug reports to!

In case you’re wondering, “private chat channels” involve the hood egg rooms.

Quite a few of these will need several players to test. So — consider yourself invited!

OpenUru Minkata test shard opens

Rarified announced on the OpenUru forums today the opening of the Minkata test shard.

Why is this important? As rarified explains:

The test shard will be the place where programming (and hopefully in the future, content) contributions to open source Uru projects can be experienced by players, and provide an opportunity for players to submit problem reports about those contributions. Exposing changes, fixes, and new features through public use of the shard is an essential step in identifying problems before those contributions are passed back to Cyan for incorporation into the public Myst Online Uru Live: Again game servers.

If you would like to help test things out, rarified outlines how to access the shard.

In another OpenUru post, Mac_Fife describes how to report bugs found on the shard. Two systems are available: JIRA (ultimately the preferred way, but some might find it dauntingly technical) and a far-friendlier support ticket system called Hesk.

I’ve tried out the latter — it is very straightforward to use.

Finally, and in connection with the above, JWPlatt is asking for volunteers:

We need volunteers to review bug reports and feature requests from this basic ticket system, then consolidate support requests into unique issues and enter them into our JIRA tracking system on Foundry. We expect all issue reports to eventually end up submitted as a JIRA issue, even if they do not start there. (For those who are familiar with JIRA, please use it directly to save time and effort.)

Experience with JIRA is a plus. No experience is necessary if you are an independent thinker and eager to learn.

So: some exciting developments and opportunities along the road to open-source MOULa.


Got to love those numbers! Very clean, easy to remember and we get another shot at it later in the month when another 1 gets added!

On Sunday, Sil-Oh-Wet posted an update on her CarePage. She says there has been some improvement, they have finally changed out her drain and her CSF drainage has gotten better. Waiting is frustrating for her but it appears she is making progress.

Jira #SVC-7125 – Bring Back Last Name Options has been getting a lot of press in many blogs. A lot of people want the option of a last name back. Today, Linden Labs finally commented on the Jira:

ProductTeam Linden added a comment – 01/Nov/11 1:18 PM

It’s clear there is a lot of interest in SVC-7125. The intent was for users to specify their last name using the Display Names feature found in
users’ profiles, which most Viewers now support. For those that haven’t used Display Names yet, you can also set them on the web:

Know that we hear you and value your passion and that we are currently reviewing some of the decisions that were made with the username /Display
Names implementation.

A lot of interest continues on this topic and reading through the comments, it is a passionate one. If you have an interest in this, please vote and/or comment.

Those of you who have Phoenix may be waiting for the anticipated Phoenix Mesh viewer and many of us who use Firestorm are waiting for some fixes and the official version to come out. Jessica Lyon has finally explains why they have been so quiet (working hard on it) but still keeps us on the edge of our seat on the roll out date – unknown but supposedly soon. She indicates there were be some really neat features to Firestorm with Mesh upload and a right click > texture refresh for gray avatars and textures that won’t seem to load. There will also be a spell check in the goodies! Keep an eye on The Phoenix Viewer site for further information.

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