Devokan Storybuilders celebrating 5 years in OpenSim


Vespers, Dot’s Kitely homebase in OpenSim

Looking at the dates of archived region files the other day made me realise that the 5th anniversary of Devokan moving from Second Life to OpenSimulator is rapidly approaching.

Time for Devokan Storybuilders to celebrate? Yes!

In that time OpenSim has improved leaps and bounds. I mean this quite literally — in early days region physics crashed regularly so we moved by sitting on a prim and editing it.

Hypergrid technology means we can build on different grids, choosing them by matching their individual strengths to particular projects, while still keeping in touch with each other, even using a single avatar to visit all.

So… what is planned?

Tour the Metaverse

On Saturday 31st January, starting at 1 pm SL (Pacific) time, there will be a Metaverse Tour of just a few Devokan or Myst/Uru-related builds on the OpenSim hypergrid. We’ll gather at Kitely Welcome Center (part designed by Paislee and project-managed by myself).

If you already have an avatar on one of the OpenSim grids that are connected to the hypergrid, paste the following HG address in the viewer map: Welcome Center. If you don’t have an OpenSim avatar, you can create one for free with Kitely.

KWC Stage 1.3

For the first destination, we’ll go to Evensong, an Advanced Megaregion on Kitely (HG address: For the anniversary it hosts updated versions (including mesh) of the original OpenSim builds, Waysmeet and Deepwater.

If you would like to refresh your memory of the events from November 2009 to February 2010, when several D’ni refugees were involved in developing and shaping the story, it’s told here: Devokan 1: Endings and Beginnings.

From there we’ll use the hypergrid to link to a brand-new Devokan mini-grid, set up by Filbert, which houses a hub region complete with working linking books. The HG address is We will use the books to reach our next destinations on Kitely and on Island Oasis grids.

Further metaverse tours of Devokan/Myst/Uru-inspired builds are planned for the future.

Echo Starship concert on Time Vault

A week later, on Saturday 7th February (i.e. just 5 years after the farewell party on SL Devokan), starting at 2 pm Pacific time, there will be a concert featuring live ambient improvisations by the gifted artist Echo Starship, one of the originators of ambient music in virtual reality.

It will take place on Time Vault, a 2×2 megaregion that includes Starfyre, Future Past, Tao Lia and Illusion, built by Paislee and award-winning artist Shenn Tao (aka Shenn Coleman in SL). HG address: Vault.

It promises to be a very special time!

Time Vault

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  1. January 28, 2015 at 5:08 PM

    […] all comes up as Devokan nears its 5th anniversary. In commemoration Dot has posted: Devokan Storybuilders celebrating 5 years in OpenSim. In her story she links to the archived story of Devokan that numerous people contributed […]

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