Devokan and Kitely

Over the past year several of the Devokan OpenSim builders have switched from sharing a big hardware server to host regions on OSgrid to holding accounts in Kitely, an OpenSim hosting service based on Amazon cloud servers.

Time Vault, on Kitely
Time Vault, a 2×2 Devokan megaregion on Kitely

We’ve generally been very pleased with performance, support and ease of use — it has meant, for example, that less-techie builders have been able to make their own full-region backups (OAR files) using a simple web-based interface.

So why am I posting here now?

It’s because the plans are changing in Kitely at the end of this year. The plans used by many of the Devokan crew (Silver and Gold plans) are going to be grandfathered in, if they are current on the 31st December 2013. So it’s worth letting people know if they would like to take advantage of the grandfathered rates.

Here’s the Kitely blog post announcing the changes: Upcoming plan changes and a limited time offer.

The new plan will be called the Premium account. It will cost $19.95 per month, and includes 5 time-based full regions.

The current Gold and Silver plans are going to be grandfathered and even upgraded at the same time. For storybuilding or art projects they are ideal. Here’s what they will include when the new plans start on 1st January 2014:

  • Premium account (Silver) — similar to the Premium account, but with 10 time-based regions, for $20 per month
  • Premium account (Gold) — now 30 time-based regions instead of 20, for $35 per month.

If you are intending to build in OpenSim, it is worth considering signing up for the Kitely Silver plan before the end of this month to lock in the extra regions, given the similarity in cost with the Premium account (marginal cost of 5 extra regions = 5 cents!). If you decide later it is not for you, you can cancel at any time.

Many of the Kitely Devokan crew seem to be plumping for Gold accounts. The 30 full-region allowance makes it an extremely good deal.

Part of the motivation behind these changes to the plans is to facilitate Kitely linking to the OpenSim Hypergrid in the future, so that we can go exploring other OpenSim grids with our Kitely avatars, and have friends from other grids visit us.

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