Mysterium Schedule, Memories and More Memories

Mysterium 2012 – Seattle, Washington – August 3-5

Eleri posted the Mysterium schedule yesterday:

THURS – August 2
5pm: Hanging Out
7pm: Pool Party

FRI – August 3
10am: Registration & Room Open
1pm: Presentations
2pm: Heek & Discussion Circles
4pm: Presentations
6:30pm: Squee Herding: MM
7pm: Marker Missions
8pm: Fri Evening Free Time

SAT – August 4

10am: Squee Herding: WWAD
10:30am: WWAD & Lunch in Chinatown
6pm (est): Presentations
6:30pm: Heek Finals & costumes
7pm: Prizes & Next Year Announcements
8pm: Sat Evening Free Time

SUN – August 5
10am: Squee Herding: Tour
10:30am: Tour-A-Rama
5:30pm: Con Over-Room Closed

If you can’t be there in person send your image to so you can attend in a Flatland sort of way.

*update* Livestream of Mysterium is here.


I was sorting through some papers the other day and ran across a printed copy of a 2008 CNN SL iReport about our community. I tend to print and save articles about the community and why this one escaped the file cabinet I do not know. I found it wedged between some pictures I had printed out and laid in a cubby on my workspace (obviously I need to check further in there, I might find a linking book or something really good). Reading the article brought back a lot of good memories of our early days in Second Life as well as the pain that was still fresh at the time from the announcement about MOUL shutting down.

The article talks about the field trip that Thend organized to show MOULies Second Life to see if they felt it would be a good place to resettle. DeAnn and I helped Thend in setting up the event and we researched places to take people to during the field trip. I believe that was the first exposure the three of us had to griefers when we were attacked at Svarga while looking for interesting places but, being the intrepid explorers, we were not discouraged and found other, safer places to take our groups for the tours.

I have very fond memories of that field trip, watching friends fill up the recently created Bevin in Second Life and being excited at the prospect we could continue as a community. I also remember it was like herding cats to get people organized up to visit the various places we had scouted out to show everyone what Second Life was about (I think I learned how to shout that day). Looking back, I feel proud considering the three of us had been in Second Life barely a month and that we were able to accomplish this. Sadly, I was not into taking a lot of pictures at the time and only have this one from that day:

The community and Second Life have come a long, long way since then. Read the article here and relive some memories.

More Memories

Finding that article got me thinking of how long we have been in SL, There, Guild Wars and other places now and how much history we have. Maybe a community retrospective is in order. I am asking the community to send me pictures of what you feel are important events from the time you were exiled from MOUL (no matter where you ended up) from 2008 until now.  For those in SL you can put your images in a note card (full perm please) with notations on where, when (year only is ok) and why these pictures are important to you. Other venues please attach the image(s) and send the same info to me via email at


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