Rand, Robyn, DRC, ebooks and Mysterium

New World Notes Interview with Rand Miller

Hamlet Au posted in New World Notes some recent correspondence with Rand Miller about Myst for tablets. Specifically he asked the question, “Based on your experience developing realMyst, do you think 3D virtual worlds like Uru (the Miller’s discontinued MMO) and Second Life have a future on tablets?” Rand discussed  3D entertainment and that in translating Myst to tablets that a 3D experience was certainly possible and is even more immersive – obviously they have proven it to be so with the Myst app for iPad. I have to assume the reference to ‘discontinued MMO’ refers to the GameTap era which is very old information and was a bit surprised Hamlet did not delve a bit deeper to find that MOUL is alive and  open source as some of the comments pointed out. A simple check of the forums would have revealed all and that the community is very much alive and kicking as well.

Eleri commented, “Myst and games that that are *perfect* for tablets and other non-joystick/keyboard/mouse interfaces. Game designers just need to think outside the framework of joystick direction driven control. As a friend of mine says “I have 10 fingers that can touch a tablet, let me *use* them!” I am fascinated with the idea of this out of the box thinking. As Eleri further added, most large developers are looking for the next big thing instead of going for ‘solid creativity and innovation.’ Obviously you cannot really compare the Myst tablet experience to a Second Life style experience for a tablet since the Myst game is constrained to operating levers etc. and Second Life is a lot more free-form in what one can do. I think what Rand Miller and Cyan have done is shown it possible porting an older game into this medium but it remains to be seen who out there will take on the challenge of putting some solid creativity and innovation into other 3D experiences going way beyond simply retooling what has been done before. I believe 3D worlds do have a place on tablets but it remains to be seen how much interest there will be from the public to use it and how willing developers are to step out of the box and go in new directions with it.

The Immortal Augustus Gladstone

Robyn Miller has been hard at work on the documentary The Immortal Augustus Gladstone which is nearly finished. Those who follow Robyn’s Tinselman blog have read about the documentary being made about an interesting gentleman named Augustus Gladstone they discovered in Portland, Oregon. He started posting videos on YouTube:

The Augustus Blog only has sporadic updates but the videos there give you a sense of the fascinatingly unusual Augustus and the difficulties they have had making the documentary.

Robyn gave an update in June on Tinselman blog  that he is working on the soundtrack and shared this lovely bit of music called Close Friends with a Count. I look forward to the announcement that the documentary is ready and hope there will be a link where we can view it.

DRC Site Forum Change

Chogon posted today that due to the lack of discussion on the DRC Site forum it will be changed to read-only for regular members. DRC can still post in the DRC Discussions area and if there is any DRC activity or members want to start discussions an Explorers Usergroup will be created.

The Myst Reader on ebooks

I had nearly forgotten about this thread and stumbled across it today. I have a hard copy of The Myst Reader and have been waiting for the ebook to come out. Gaborm found the book on Kobo and EowynCarter provided the link so we can now have our ebook fix. *update* Lareh provided a link to the Kindle version as well.

Mysterium 2012

I have not seen a lot of publicity but Mysterium 2012 is nearly upon us!

The event will be in Seattle, Washington from August 3 through August 5. They are offering free standard registration to Cyanists/former Cyanists.

For those of us who cannot make it, Eleri posts, “For all you poor, deprived souls who won’t be able to join us in person this year, please send us a picture of yourself, your Uru avvie, or some other reasonable 2 dimensional facimilie to info@mysterium.net so you can be with us in dead-tree spirit.”  I am digging a picture to send to them, maybe two and encourage everyone who can to send something. I hope they will do a live feed this and will try to post the link. No word yet on any special guests or events so far and I will post as soon as something shows up.


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