Storms, Life, Art and Karaoke


The last two weeks have been quite stressful for some of us, especially those in the Midwest.  We have been having drought conditions and on top of that, a storm called a Derecho hit very suddenly and 660,000+ were without power in the Ohio area for days in the middle of a record breaking heat wave. Folk started posting pictures of the damage fairly quickly. My street had a very large tree that took down a power pole, several transformers, two cars and part of the large old tree across the street (eighth picture down is the tree that blocked our street and you can see one of the cars under it). At the other end of the street an absolutely massive tree fell, luckily parallel with the street taking out only one, thankfully unoccupied car but crushing it nearly beyond recognition. It took several days for crews to finally respond to clear the tree near my house and another week to restore power. They are still working at the other end of the street clearing up the damage nearly two weeks later. We had not had a power outage like this since 2008 though that time I got my electric back on fairly quickly but my net was gone for over a week.

I was further impressed when I saw the satellite video of the Derecho:

While we did get power back on after a week we did lose it again while the crews continued to try to make repairs in the area and unfortunately on the hottest day of the heat wave. The temperature outside was 103.6F. Thankfully those heroic repairmen got our power back on midday so we had a chance to start cooling down by the time the heat hit its peak. Our toll was a refrigerator and freezer full of food and one TV that got turned on when we first got power back only to be a casualty when it went back off after only an hour. We were thankful it wasn’t worse…

Some lessons learned are to have some crank flashlights on hand in your emergency kit, have a lot of patience and hopefully something to fan yourself with, learn that when the traffic lights are flashing or no power to treat the intersection as a four way stop (very important!), and get out and see who else needs some help.

Nature is incredible always but with a storm even more so.


Relay for Life has been underway with the big event which occurred this last weekend. I participated with Greeters United Group to help out at the Relay For Life Welcome area. We had a wonderful time, met a lot of very interesting people and kept count of how many newbies fell into the moat (many). I am hoping the Greeters United will come up with some more events soon as this was a very rewarding experience. Contact Honor McMillan or Jef McMillan (jefke Kohime) if interested.

Crap Mariner had posted a Relay For Life challenge with his 100 Word Stories – he was looking for 100 stories and would donate $1 to Relay for Life for each story. Several others jumped in and matched his donation for stories as well. The theme for this was “Life” and I had not given it much thought until the storm hit so I submitted my story. Eventually Crap more than met his goal with 111 stories. Here is the link to the podcast (I think my story is about 6th or 7th in Part I if you want to hear me read it. Otherwise, here is what I submitted:

Quality and Disaster

We had storms and lost power for several days.

It amazed me that without power how quiet it was.

Once the storm damage was cleaned up, I had little to do so I sat on the front porch, fanning myself, watching life go on around me.

It was business as usual for the robin on her nest who had survived the storm.

Neighbors walked around chatting about the fallen tree that blocked our street.

They wondered when power would come back or where was the best place to find ice or food.

Quality of life was still there, just different.

It was an interesting experience doing this and I probably will submit again. I encourage anyone who just wants to try it to do so. This week’s topic is “Power.”


DeAnn sent me this notecard for an absolutely incredible art exhibit:

Haveit Neox is one of 4 Second Life artists who are participating in a real life exhibit that extends into Second Life.  Currents 2012 is displayed at the cultural museum in Santa Fe. There is a computer monitor for the visitors to walk into Second Life. Haveit Neox’s build, formerly the Temple of the Bots for the story of Second Libations, has undergone a remodeling leaving only the outer shell intact but with new rooms and art to be seen. Make sure you have your audio on as what you hear as you move through the building is part of the art. I found myself breathing in rhythm to what I heard in Dormitory. The pictures here just cannot do this exhibit justice. Go see it here.

Port of Sparquerry

Hall of the Planets



Our time honored Karaoke just gets better and better. Singers get better, themes get better and the company is always superb. This week the community gathered in a mer setting and we swooped and twirled and spun to some incredible tunes.

Peni and Jimbo tripped the light fantasic. Jimbo showed up  in a very fashionable wetsuit and was quite light on his feet in spite of the flippers. Peni as always was light on her feet and parried Jimbo’s moves.

Granelda always makes a showing for any beach style event and this was no exception. She pulled out a suit from her infinite bikini collection, popped on a breathing mask and tank and did a breast stroke that had all the guys breathless.

Everyone put on their best finnage for this event!


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