Greeters, Svig, Cavecon, The Cavern Post 2.0 and Adventure Games

Greeters United

SL9B was definitely a birthday to remember! Packed sims, lots of lag, filled with incredible entertainment. The Second Life Community really came together and showed what it is capable of doing.  The spirit of volunteering is very much alive and plans are already being laid for the next Second Life Birthday. Since there seems to be a very enthusiastic contingent of volunteers, this notice got posted in the Greeters Group just the other day by Honour McMillan:

We’ve created a non-event specific group for those who want to continue on as a team and work other events when they crop up. Our next gig is the big Relay For Life weekend in mid July.
I’ll do the training and scheduling out of the new group. Even if you don’t want to work that event, if you want to stay as part of the team, please join the new group.
It’s called – Greeters United – and we’ll come up with a good description for it at some point. 😛
See you there 🙂

If you are looking for something to do these are some really nice people who are fun to work with.  Greeters United is open enrollment and you can find it in search or IM Honour McMillan, Jef McMillan (Jefke Kohime), Uccie (uccello poultry) or Bo Tiger (bourne denimore) and ask to join.

Update: If you missed the event or were not able to get around due to lag Loki has made a wonderful video that hits the mark:

Loki goes to SL9B

Svig (Svigermor Dhamen)

Svig is one of our longtime community members and well known in MOULa and in the Second Life Community. Tailahr posted in the MOUL forums that Svig has had some ongoing medical issues and may be facing possible surgery. Genny7, Svig’s good friend, will be passing on information as she gets it. Please post your message of support on the forum for Svig.

Cavecon – July 22 through July 28, 2012

Michelle Marquise sent out this notice via the D’ni Refugee Group:

Shorah Love

We are going to plan a CaveCon for July 22 until the 28th of 2012.

This will be a 24/7 event so all countries can participate. I have made my calendar public so everyone can see what events are planned in SL and Uru.

CaveCon Calendar

I do hope that everyone wants to participate. Please send me or Pea an email as to what you would like to do and the time for your event and I will place it on the calendar.

All donations are to be made directly to Cyan.

I spoke with Pea (Peaudalune) and she said they will be planning on CaveCon events in Second Life as well as in MOULa. Meetings will be held in the next few days and Pea and Michelle will be working out a schedule for entertainment. Pea has graciously offered Vagalume Island to host an event. There will be prim with a direct link to a donation page of Cyan. Postings will be going out to the forums as well.

Pea and Michelle  cohost a long running weekly event called Down Memory Lane every Saturday from 6 pm to 8 pm KI time (5 pm – 7 pm SLT). People send them a list of their music, they along with Michelle and Pea do a cohost with them via Skype. If you are interested in participating or attending this weekly event please contact Pea (Peeaudalune) or Michelle Marquise.

The Cavern Post 2.0

Lyrositer of The Guild of Messengers has announced a new web-based format for it’s magazine The Cavern Post 2.0 on the MOUL forum. Anyone who is signed into the Guild of Messengers website may submit an article which will be checked by the editorial staff before posting. This should make it easier to get content out to everyone. The first article by Ahlisendar, a very interesting read, is out now and you can read it here. You can also click on the Magazine Link at the top of The Guild of Messengers website.


Nalates posted this video link for a new adventure game on iOS. It does appear that adventure games are by no means dead – they are still probably my favorite game to play. Ainia has added that dream:scape is currently free in the iTunes app store. It is not known how long this offer will be available so you might want to hop on this one right away!


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