SL9B is Underway!

SL9B Opening Day Ceremony

Opening Day was full of incredible lag and crashing sims which seems to be the sign of a successful event.  The opening ceremony with a lovely speech by Saffia Widdershins and a fantastic Tiny dance performance kicked things off in high style.

Saffia’s speech emphasized the greater community. As she put it, “What would we have lost, if we had accepted what Linden Lab had said, and partied in our own communities?

I think the clear answer is that we would have lost our sense of a greater community. Many of us belong to strong communities – lifestyle communities, national communities, role play communities, study or work-based communities, communities of interest. And we have parties there – fantastic, wonderful parties. We could have done that for the Birthday.

But …

We would have lost the sense of being part of the greater community.

We would have lost our sense of awe and wonder at what we can achieve individually – as new exhibits continue to astound us and delight us. We would have lost the crazy serendipity of seeing wonderful things rubbing shoulders with each other. We would have lost the chance to salute people who make our virtual lives – and our real lives – a better place.

But that didn’t happen…”

That definitely didn’t happen – many people came together to show that we are all part of a larger community and one that we believe in and support. Communities within communities is the reality of what we are. We are defined by our more intimate communities such as guilds and groups in MOUL, Second Life, There and other metaverses which in turn influences how we deal with the greater community at large where ever we have landed since our exodus. We have more than shown the greater community who and what we are!

To read all of Saffia’s wonderful speech you can check out the Prim Perfect blog here or watch the video:

Uruite Builds at SL9B

I took a stroll (a laggy stroll I must say) by Kerryth’s lovely build – A Salute to the Uru Community in SL. She does have competing neighbors who are either very bright or very tall and bright yet Kerryth’s build definitely holds its own and its ethereal lace spires draw your eye immediately day or night. You can visit Kerryth’s plot here.

Kerryth’s SL9B Build – Daytime

Kerryth’s SL9B Build – Night

~D R U M~ build was finished early. We also have some pretty flashy company which makes it much harder to compete when you are mostly trash and rust. The troupe decided to let the audience have some of the fun they have by retooling the Wall Set so that anyone can hop on and play (it’s not how we play our instruments, though). If you click on the barrel in front of the Wall you can get some very cool drumsticks (think toilet plunger) to use on the Wall. Hop on one of the poseballs and touch the wall in front to start making some fantastic music. Bring your friends to perform a concert! We are very happy with our interactive build and hope that everyone who plays it gets the same joy we do when performing. Visit here and make some beautiful music!

~D R U M~ will be performing at the Main Cake Stage (the big giant flower) on Sunday, June 24 at 4 pm SLT.

Dich has posted in the D’ni Refugee group that he will be DJing at the Egyptian Stage tonight, Wednesday, June 20 from midnight to 2 am SLT. If you are up make sure you go to watch a fabulous DJ do his thing in one of the incredible SL9B Stages!

As always, please check the business section for weekly sales and specials from Park Place Home Decor!


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