realMyst and The Angel of Death speaks of gifts…..

realMyst for iPad

News from Cyan! realMyst for iPad will be available in the App Store on Thursday! Take a look at the realMyst website – some nice goodies in this, including a bonus Rime Age! I am definitely getting this app for my iPad.

Angel of Death #17

The Angel of Death discusses birthday gifts in this video. (check out the ride….I made that and it will be in the gifts being handed out)


SL9B building is well under way! ~D R U M~ has finished their interactive plot and have placed the gifties out. We are eagerly awaiting the opening because not only is the troupe going to perform (Sunday, June 24 at 4:00 pm SLT) but we have other plans as well (think insane marching bands…).


I have not seen Kerryth’s build yet but will get pictures up once it is finished. Anyone else who may be performing or building there, please let me know so I can get your information published so we can all come and see you!


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  1. thednivoice said,

    June 16, 2012 at 7:00 PM

    Really enjoying realMyst. Shame I have forgotten how to solve a lot of the puzzles, lol, but putting on my thinking cap… Definitely glad I got this, it totally rocks….Great job Cyan!

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