New Patcher in Moula, If Life was Like Myst and Angel of Death Speaks Yet Again #8

1.912 – New Patcher

Tooo posts on the MOUL forums that there is a new patcher out there! Version 1.192 with around 150 MB of new data. Chogon posted all the goodies that are in this from the fan developers. Additional detail on these fixes is on the Open Uru site. Kudos to all the hard working folk that are working on this.  Thanks also to Tooo who is making sure we know!

If Life was Like Myst

Clarke2 passed this around via The D’ni Refugees group. Very good video I think we can all relate to. Thanks, Clarke!

Angel of Death #8

Angel of Death…boogidy, boogidy, boogidy and all that… The Grim Reaper is up to his ass in applications and lets us know Sunday, June 3 is the deadline for Exhibitors and explains how it will work on getting your plot (if you applied and were accepted).


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