Second Life Birthday Celebration

Thanks to Dream Seeker Estates and an anonymous donor there will sixteen sims for a Second Life Birthday celebration run by the Second Life Community!

The event will be held June 18 through June 24 and the sims will be rated General.

Volunteers are still needed to help put this event on so if you are looking for something interesting to do with some fun folk, please think about applying and helping out! Training will be provided for volunteers and there will be experienced folk on hand to help out the new ones. I worked as an Exhibitor Assistant last year and had a really fun time. This year I will be do that again as well as working as a Greeter.

If you want to be an Exhibitor – the theme this year is Community – apply here. Make sure you read the Event Policies so you understand what the exhibit policies and the building policies are.

And finally for those DJ’s, musicians, singers, performers, etc., you are definitely needed to make this a great event – apply here. ~D R U M~ is applying and we hope to have several new instrument sets to introduce. Our community has a lot of talented people  who are certain to step forward and show their stuff! I would even love to see Karaoke there!



On a sad note, one of the previous organizers of the Second Life Birthdays, Kev Sweetwater, passed on last week. He was a true gentleman, a hard dedicated worker with a great sense of humor and gave of himself selflessly for the things he believed in. He will be greatly missed in the Second Life Community. I had the privilege of working with him the past several years on other projects as well as last year’s SL8B.  He left us at too early an age.  Rest in peace, Kev.



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  1. thednivoice said,

    May 21, 2012 at 6:36 PM

    Dich has let me know he has applied to DJ there as well has applied to have Karaoke there on Saturday, June 23rd. Let’s hope he gets his slots!

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