Myst is Everywhere!

The Myst culture seems to infiltrate everywhere! catseye Fride shared a very cool Minecraft Mod video by direwolf20 where the highlight is Mystcraft –  a mod developed by XCompWiz who is obviously a Myst fan. In the video direwolf20 shows several different worlds – some appear to have some enemies in them, some look like they are vast. He has a linking book room and even shows you how to write your own linking books and create your own age! An excellent addition for those who are playing Minecraft.

Download it at the Minecraft Forum  which has some great information on what the mod does and check out XCompWiz’s Mystcraft site.

Other news is Cyan has a realMyst for IOS preview out. The video shows an actual capture of realMyst running on an iPad 2. They say it is coming spring 2012 from Cyan Worlds which hopefully will be very soon now as spring is almost over.



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  1. Niysiechka said,

    May 12, 2012 at 9:33 PM

    Thanks for news!

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