I am sure many of you in the SL Community know that the annual Second Life Birthday is an event to anticipate. Some of us look forward to performing for that event. It is a wonderful occasion to showcase the best of Second Life as well as getting exposure for your troupe/business/art/whatever you have made special. This year things have changed. Linden Labs has put the event on the community at large with the Help Us Celebrate Second Life’s 9th Birthday blog and asking that Birthday events be submitted. As the blog says, “This year it’s all about you — the denizens of the grid, the sultans of Second Life  and connoisseurs of creativity— and we want to highlight the many unique and innovative ways the community has made Second Life their own.”

Many are weighing in on Linden Lab’s decision, some negative, some positive, some very positive.  Marianne McCann who is well known for her child avatar and espousing the child-like wonder with the world has proposed a positive point of view on her profile (you may need to log in to see this).

Crap Mariner has an interesting point of view and some links to the pro and cons of what Linden Lab has decided.

I think we should embrace the idea that we, in our individual communities, can celebrate Second Life’s 9th birthday. Heck, I think this community should pick a Month/Day to celebrate our own coming to Second Life (February?). But I think this is a good opportunity for the D’ni Refugee Community help celebrate Second Life who gave us a home when we needed it and also to showcase what we have here with events, performances etc. during the month of June. Let’s throw parties, get in the Destination Guide and continue to make our mark here in Second Life!



  1. nalates said,

    April 18, 2012 at 11:05 PM

    I chimed in with my opinion in my blog.

    Tateru Nino at Dwell On It reminds us of one of best attended birthdays, SL3B, which was a community run event with little help from the Lindens. That is probably before many of us joined SL. SL5B was my first.

    This one will be whatever we make of it. I think it gives the Uruites in SL an opportunity to get various Uru related builds into the events for parties dancing and whatever.

  2. thednivoice said,

    April 19, 2012 at 1:04 PM

    Exactly. There are all kinds of novel ideas relating to Uru that could be used within the events to get more attention for MOUL as well. Even a birthday hunt through Eder Gira if community would create Uru style items for it.

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