Uruites Continue to Make their Mark and April Discoveries Bring May MYSTeries

Uruites Making Their Mark

Callie Oh is another Uruite who has quietly made her mark in the SL Community. Lobo passed her blog link A Threadbare Cloak in SL to me. When I took a look I was very impressed with the quality of photos and she has only been blogging since January!

Our Uruites usually quietly make their mark in SL which seems to one of our hallmarks. One thing Callie does that I don’t often see other bloggers do is name the location and provide a SLurl where the pictures were taken. So often the backdrop lends to what the image is saying that often one wishes one could see it for oneself and it is nice to be able to visit that location as well as shop for what is being presented. Kudos for a well presented blog and I have added this to the blogroll.

April Discoveries Bring May MYSTeries

Tent Party in the City D'Mala 2006

MOUL forums have been pretty quiet these days but I try to swing by every day or so to see if anything has developed. I found this thread in Off Topic – ADBMM/Cavern Mysterium: Robyn and Rand Miller Q&A Thread. Check it out for some good questions and please add your own.

Trekluver is planning a May mega event in the Cavern from Sunday, May 13 through Saturday, May 19 sponsored by the Guild of New Greeters. As a special treat this year Trekluver and Taniith have an event planned for Saturday, May the 19th at 2:30 PM EDT/12:30 KI Time. In association with the Falling Man Group they will be hosting the first ever Online Mysterium in Kirel! This should be a fun event and a good chance to catch up with folk you may not have seen especially if you reside in one of the metaverses.

April is the month for planning for this event so if you would like to get involved, please PM Trekluver. There is a need for contest judges, chatloggers, and marker game coordinators.

Trekluver is collecting questions to be asked at the Cavern Mysterium 2012 so here is your chance to get that burning question out there . Please post questions only on that thread. Information about the planning and comments to the questions can be directed to this thread.

Let’s continue the tradition of good times in the Cavern by yet another fantastic event!

Postcard for first Pod Party 2007


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