Hunt & Hunter Resource Centre, Rotten Bananas and Creating Something Out of Nothing

Hunt & Hunter Resource Centre

Angelfire let me know that the Hunts & Hunter Resource Centre has moved to a permanent home on the lovely sim at The Cookie Jar Village.

Angelfire says, “2Wat Michigan and Jiovi Michigan have graciously given us space at the Cookie Jar Village.  You can also drop off info for the new and improved SL Hunts blog!”

This is a valuable resource both in-world and out for your hunting needs. The blog will be added to the blog roll and the Hunt & Resource Centre will be permanently listed in the Business page.

As a side note, earlier in the week I was passed a notecard with no explanation from someone I did not know for a similarly named website. Because there was a promotion for a particular store also in that notecard, I refrained from posting that information until I spoke with Angelfire. The person who passed this to me is no longer connected to the SL Hunts group and evidently thought I would assume what she passed me was the correct information, in essence hijacking the correct blog. It is sad someone feels these tactics are necessary. More about this sort of unethical behavior later…

Myst Dancers and Rotten Bananas

Once again the Myst Dancers thrilled us with a virtuoso April Fools Performance in the Concert Hall in Eder Gira. It was wonderful to be back there and hopefully more events will be scheduled for that fabulous venue. The performance had us running the gamut from chuckles to outright laughing so hard we were falling on the floor. Here are some of the pictorial highlights:

Creating Something Out of Nothing

Some folk love the drama and will promote it when they find it or create it in order to get more drama or to cover up their own guilt or failings. Little did I know a post or two back that what I commented on about leaving a group would be used to cause more drama evidently within the same group management. This is one of the reasons I left the group since it was a recurring event while I was there and being continually enabled by the participants. The other reason were two serious ethical issues; serious enough that I sent an email outlining my concerns to the appropriate person to which I received no reply. Others have done the same and have also gotten no reply. Hence my decision not to be connected any longer. For me ethically it was the right thing to do and a personal decision. Ethics are very important to me, they have been a guideline for my life and I believe in speaking honestly and directly. But for someone to use my comment to incite more drama when none was there pretty much verifies the dysfunctional nature of that group management. I did not name the group nor the individuals involved nor will I so if they are continuing to stalk this blog for more fuel, they can look elsewhere for their excitement.

Also in the first part of this post, another hoped to create something out of nothing by forwarding  a notecard with a link to a very similar blog name with no explanation, hoping I would assume it came from the SL Hunts group and post it just like a cuckoo laying an egg and letting others rear it.

These behaviors I do not understand and I do not tolerate. If I make something out of nothing it is because I want to create something for some good or for some use which I think is what most of us are about here in SL.


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