Lobo posted this notecard in the D’ni Refugee group notices earlier this week and kindly gave permission for me to republish it here. I also requested pictures or other remembrances of Sil-Oh-Wet. Jana kindly provided links to Sil’s albums which speak for themselves. Thanks to Lobo and Dich for also providing wonderful photos. I have selected a few pictures to post and will put the links at the bottom of this posting.

Lobo writes:

This week a friend passed away. Not just any friend. The first friend I made in MO:UL. The first friend that I made online, period. My original exploring buddy.

I would like to tell you a little about Sil-Oh-Wet, or Sil as we called her, or Lisa as she was known in RL. You may not realize how her presence has affected all of us who have visited the cavern.

Gran's friend Sil

In the earliest days of MO:UL, there was little anyone could do beyond wandering around by the lake, climbing the great stairs, or hanging out in the pub by the stairs. So, most people ended up dancing in the pub. I remember dancing in there with a group of strangers when a lady named Sil-Oh-Wet, as best I can remember, told me to come dance with her. So, I did. We chatted a little privately and I learned that in RL she had auburn hair like her avie and was six feet tall. We became friends and looked for each other when we were online.

The next three friends I made there, who also became Sil’s friends, were D’onna (Dakotah in Second Life), Peni, and Jared (Thundar Pennell in SL). The fifth friend I made, but outside the pub, was Myst’Aken (Zedicus McMillan in SL). You may realize that tragedy has befallen a couple of these other friends. A few years ago Donna/Dakotah had a stroke that made her forget her time and friends in MO:UL and SL. Less than a year ago, Myst’Aken passed away suddenly.

But at one time, we were all having fun together. One example would be the night in the pub that we celebrated Sil’s 34th birthday by continually pressing CTRL-4 on our keyboards.

I also remember when the group of us decided to form our own bevin, which was most likely Sil’s idea. She was one for taking the initiative and the one who created the Bevin. Sil-Oh-Wet’s became one of the better known bevins in MO:UL. For example, it was Sil-Oh-Wet’s Bevin that was chosen when a group of people decided to hold a vigil to summon Yeesha. And Yeesha actually appeared there. I saw her myself!

Bevin Imager

Sil-Oh-Wet was one of the four women Nick White chose to secretly take to his Eder Delin (?) age, where he asked each to come up with an idea for something they could do to help change the game. This was when Sil came up with the idea of having karaoke in MO:UL. Who can blame her for that idea. She was an excellent singer and made a great DJ. Weekly karaoke continues until this day.

Sil was also one of those chosen to be a beta tester for MO:UL, as was our good friend Myst’Aken. And as was I. When the three of us (who didn’t tell the others we had been selected) ran into each other in the beta version, we joined forces in testing the new ages. Yes, we had the honor of getting frustrated with the pod ages before most other explorers. And it was where, if I had been about 2 minutes faster, I could have claimed the title of being the first successful door caller.

Right now, both Sil-Oh-Wet and Myst’Aken appear to be off testing a new age without me. But that’s fine. I’m happy to wait a while.

Eventually, we were introduced to Second Life. I remember a few of the initial visits our gang took to SL. One of the first things we did was explore Myst Online URU Island created by GameTap.

Oh, and again, Sil showed that she wasn’t shy. Once, when a group of us was exploring SL together, Sil wandered off on her own. A couple of minutes later, she was teleporting us all up to the skybox of someone she had just met. Let’s just say that during that visit, the group consisting of, as I recall, Sil, Thor, Mortana, Callie/Julee, Dakotah and I learned a little more about what was possible in SL. And it was because of that visit initiated by Sil that Dakotah started calling me “Wally” all the time. (Ask me and I’ll think about telling you why.)

I found myself spending the majority of my online time in Second Life while Sil spent hers primarily in MO:UL. Although still friends, we started to drift apart. And that was probably a good thing for her, because it allowed Sil to connect with Monte, who would eventually become her real life boyfriend. (Someone who could do a better job of telling you about the real life Lisa than I can.)

And it was with Monte that Sil created the first, er, second replica of a bevin in SL. (I almost forgot about the partial one on URU island.) Well, theirs was the first fairly complete one.

Yes, Sil was someone who has affected our online experiences.

Sil/Lisa, I had fun with you. It was great to have known you, even if it was only online. It’s hard to believe that brain cancer took you away from everyone, including your young sons, at such an early age. You were a good friend. May God bless you and your loved ones.

Here are links Jana provided. Please enjoy the legacy Sil/Lisa has left us.

Sil’s Flickr Album

Granelda’s friend Sil

Sil’s Photobucket Album (also check out her sub albums listed on the side)


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  1. jade said,

    February 12, 2012 at 7:43 PM

    So sorry you lost your friend… what a beautiful person she was!

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