A Passing

Glen posted on the CareWorks page of Sil-Oh-Wet’s passing early this morning.

“I am very sorry to say that our beautiful Lisa left us last night at approximately 12:25AM. She passed very quietly without fear or pain. Now we must find a way to go on living without her. I know that everyone she touched in her life will be forever changed by the experience. She was one of the most loving and caring people I have every known and I was blessed to be a part of her life.

I am so grateful to everyone that visited this cite. Your kind prayers and words of encouragement helped us cope with the ups and downs and setbacks of her fight against cancer.

This will be the last update that I will post, but I will continue to read your posts.

Thanks for your support.”

To leave a condolence message go to the CareWorks page. (you do need to sign up in order to view/post)

Here is a Singsnap link of Sil-Oh-Wet singing.


Mystdee has put forward a request for Sil-Oh-Wet’s name to be added to the memorial in MOULa  and a request has been put in to get her name on the memorial in the Minkata shard.



  1. Landru McCallen said,

    February 8, 2012 at 5:45 PM

    I didn’t know Sil well but I remember being at karaoke one of the first nights she came back after being away from SL for a while. We had a great time talking and catching up. I just watched the snapsing video and she was so good! God Bless you Lisa and may the wind always be at your back…


  2. kerryth said,

    February 11, 2012 at 5:39 PM

    Safe journeys, Sil. We will always remember you.

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