Sad News

Monte posted an update today for Sil-Oh-Wet/Lisa.  He says Lisa has had many ups and downs throughout and, sadly, the trend has been more downward. She had a contrast MRI recently which showed the tumor has grown and they did a biopsy at the end of last week. Monte says the tumor has now advanced in grade. The doctors had indicated this type of tumor typically remains at grade 1 or 2 level for years without growing. The advanced grade of the tumor now indicates time has run out sooner than expected.

The hope has been Lisa had the time to overcome the issues with controlling the fluid levels and infections so she could move on to treat the tumor. Since the doctors are continuing to struggle with these issues, she has not been strong enough to deal with the radiation and chemotherapy needed to get the tumor to shrink. By the time she would be strong enough the tumor most likely will have become large enough to be untreatable.  Surgery is not an option due to the placement of the tumor and it appears to have spread to the surface of the brain.

Monte stated they have reached a point where very difficult decisions will have to be made. He thanks everyone for all the prayers, positive thoughts and well wishes. He has read through our messages and has read them to Lisa.

We are very sad to receive this new. I am sure the community will continue to express support and keep the prayers and good wishes coming for Sil, Monte and her family. You can post your comments at Sil-Oh-Wet/Lisa’s CareWorks page. (you will need to sign up to view the page)


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