The Holidays are Upon Us, Blender and More Updates

It is time to get into the Holiday spirit!

The students of the Mieville Magic Acadamy are presenting a Magic Lanterern Show at Old Per Theatre

from the notecard:

“Nothing like it ever in SL before!
Enjoy the holidays with us!”

Saturday, December 10 at 12:00 PM SLT

Sunday, December 15 at 5:00 PM SLT

Saturday, December 17 at 12:00 PM SLT

Sunday, December 18 at 5:00 PM SLT

Thanks to Gyro Muggins who passed this on.

* * * * * * * * * * *

Blender has eaten my brain….

I finally realized today it has been a bit since I last posted. These past couple of weeks I had made up my mind to finally tackle the modeling side of Blender and have had my head deep into that. The downside is that a lot of time passes when you are trying to figure things out, why this or that is not working the way you thought it would or trying to understand what the heck it is you are actually doing.

I really like the 2.6a version of Blender though I still use the 2.49 for animations and I learned the Blender controls doing that which I think has helped a lot in learning the modeling side with 2.6a. The controls in 2.6a are laid out much better and make more sense to me now, though wrapping one’s mind around creating something is still challenging. I highly recommend Machinimatrix tutorials for anyone starting out in Blender. I was able to make the top hat and eventually mastered the ladder.  I was feeling pretty good looking at the Blender screen with my finished ladder but was unsure how it was going to translate into Second Life.

I fired up Second Life and created my ladder and voila! This is actually a second try. The first try I rotated something and there was a huge bounding box around the ladder. This one the bounding box is snug up against the ladder and you don’t even need an invisible prim to walk up it!

From there I have been trying my hand at making furniture parts – I definitely started simple – table legs! With each sculpty I attempt to make, I am learning more and seeing what Second Life limitations there are as well (not all detail in your blender sculpt shows up in Second Life, I have found out). So far this has been a fun journey.

* * * * * * * * * * *


Sil-Oh-Wet has been making progress per her father and not had any setbacks. Her feeding tube has been moved from her throat to her stomach and she has been trying to speak more and more each day. Sil is still a bit lethargic as she recovers but her progress has pleased everyone.  You can keep track of her progress or leave a note to her at CareWorks.

*additional update posted a short time ago:

Sil-Oh-Wet/Lisa is continuing to improve but has a touch of pneumonia in one lung. She is being treated with antibiotics and improving every day. Hopefully by Monday or Tuesday she will get a bit of surgery to stabilize her lumbar drain and then it will be making sure that drain and the ones in her head are working properly. Once those are working ok they will hopefully be able to start radiation therapy. Her family is thankful for her progress and all the good wishes and hopes everyone enjoys the holiday season.

* * * * * * * * * * *

Weekend at the river in Rio Pardo – Porto Ferreira

Malia posts on her blog about a wonderful weekend she spent with friends at Porto Ferreira by the river. Malia posted a couple of videos as well. For those of us just starting to experience the effects of the oncoming winter, Malia’s trip is apt to make one long for summer again! I particularly liked the picture of the BBQ grill built into the outside of the chimney under the carport.


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