Celebration in Eder Gira and Other Updates

Such welcome news! Eder Gira means a lot to all of us. For many this was one of the first places visited when coming into SL as a MOULie and it is part of our heritage now. Many, many thanks to Benandru Milev for saving Eder Gira. Let us not forget, though that sims do come at a price. Please try to donate whatever you can when visiting – every bit helps out.

Today the Myst Dancers had planned a farewell performance that turned into a celebratory performance. Anyone who has seen the Myst Dancers knows they are masters at putting music, dance and visuals together in sublime ways. Their performances evoke a wide variety of emotions as you journey with them. It was wonderful to see the joyousness of the audience as this turned from a farewell to a celebration. I sat on the tent (like in my D’Mala days) and took some pictures:


Today Sil-Oh-Wet’s father posted an update for her saying that she has made significant improvements this week. She is responding and alert but not able to talk much as of yet and her latest CAT scan shows the Hydrocephalus has diminished. The doctors have determined she has a rare form of Hydrocephalus and now have to figure out how to control the excess fluid with internal drains. Sil’s dad is confident the doctors will figure this out. Please let Sil-Oh-Wet know we continue to send our thoughts, prayers and good wishes her way. You can post on CarePages.


Malia is doing well in Brasil and has posted some very beautiful pictures of flowers from her area. She says she got mosquito bites but it was worth it! She also posted pictures of fire lilies which I have never heard of. There is a festival in Brasil called ENART. She explains, “…celebrates the local gaúcho (cowboy) history and culture. When Brazilians say “gaúcho“, they mean the southern state of Rio Grande do Sul, which has evolved its own very distinct culture.” Check out her series of posts on this fascinating celebration: ENART Festival Day 1, Day 2 and Day 3.


A big thanks to Dot for getting out the news on Eder Gira!


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