Eder Gira Ending on November 26th

News just came out that Eder Gira as we know it in Second Life will be coming to an end November 26th when tier is due. SkydiverAnarta Fall has cited the difficulty of keeping the sim going with declining donations. As we all know, SL property is not inexpensive to maintain. The sim will be put on the market and if not sold, turned back to Linden Labs possibly as early as the 25th of November. If interested in purchasing, please contact SkydiverAnarta Fall.

The announcement generated a lot of discussion in the D’ni Refugee group with ideas of trying to bail out the sim for a month to buy more time to come up with ideas on how to save it to discussion about other grids. One of the characteristics of our wonderful group is the willingness to explore and be open to new experiences. Anarta and Colorado have been over in OS Grid building for some time as has Dot and others. There has come back and Moulies are showing up and building again. Others have gone to InWorldz. In the group discussions, I mentioned “Find a way, make a home…” the words we all know so well. Ultimately, each of us has to figure out where we are most comfortable (and can afford) and make that our home. Yes, it is sad we are losing Eder Gira, but we aren’t losing the Community by any means. One thing we may be gaining is more of a willingness to trek to the various grids to visit, attend parties, keep in touch with friends and learn new things that each grid has to offer. Another thing that came out of the discussions was about having events move around to the various grids and possibly setting up a field trip to OS grid (with a pre-visit to help those who have not been there or not been in a while to get their avatars set up).

I brought Dot Macchi on board to be our Metaverse correspondent  a while ago so please watch for her posts about other grids. I have asked her to put together a post on how to get to OS grid so look for that. If plans get firmed up on a field trip to OS grid or other grids, we will be posting information as soon as we hear something.

If you have an event in another grid and want it posted please send a notecard to Beach (atrebor Zenovka) or Betara Brandenburg in-world SL so they can get it on the D’ni Refugee’s Events Calendar which is embeded on the Community Events/Calendar page. Any other postings, news or articles please submit to DMom2K Darwin.  We want to make sure we keep up to date on the Community no matter where community members might be, but do need your help in providing the information so we can do so.

We will always treasure Eder Gira and thank Anarta and Colorado for making it possible for us to have it for so long. A heartfelt ‘Thank You’ to you both.

Here are some archived pictures I have found of locations and past events at Eder Gira.

Eder Gira view from lake looking up Great Staircase


Great Zero


Myst Island


Beach Returns to SL


Coffee Shop Riot in the City


Canada Day Party in Eder Gira


New Years Eve Party 2010 in Eder Gira


Fourth of July 2010 in Eder Gira


St. Patrick's Day Parade 2009 in Eder Gira



  1. gran said,

    November 20, 2011 at 1:48 AM

    Anarta and Colorado did so much in keeping our D’ni/SL family together with Eder Gira all these many years, providing us with a home in SL. I will forever treasure what they gave us……
    Thank you both so very much..!!!


  2. Jade said,

    November 20, 2011 at 11:26 AM

    Will all these areas disappear also? I am so saddened by this, having just found my way to you all 😦 Is there paypal?
    Going to run there ASAP since I have barely seen everything
    so sorry….

  3. macaholic said,

    November 20, 2011 at 9:09 PM

    As I mentioned on the Myst Forums, D’ni Bevin is still in the giant skybox on my island, Proxima Centauri. U do need to be in Refugees group to get access. Or PM me in SL.

    Tavish Flanagan

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