Uru fan ages, new and updated

While many D’ni Refugees were finding new homes in other 3D worlds such as Second Life, There, etc., others were learning to create and build their own within Uru itself, including developing the tools to do so.

Their work and progress over the years is remarkable, and I hope to include monthly reports of new ages and updates in this part of the newsletter.

So what has been released over the past month?

R'Oshanhnin Korvahkhn

R’Oshanhnin Korvahkhn, a new age by Calena, Wamduskasapa, Tachzusamm and Dustin. It includes puzzles, story, exploration, surprises — very much in the Myst tradition…

An update was issued to Nilodnam by J’Kla, a gallery featuring photos of other fan ages and some group expeditions to the core Uru Ages undertaken by The Meeting Place hood during their regular Sunday meetings in MOUL (1 pm KI time).

The chainletter Age Rell-too saw another update, this one by Rize. Previous contributors to the Age include Ametist, RobertTheRebuilder, Corvus, Jojon, Core43, Justintime9, Perlestern and Junee. They welcome new contributors to help.

A recent development has been the creation of pages that add facilities to Relto — Karkadann has been busy setting these up. The latest one is something many of us have long wished for: Ye Old Privy!

Note on sources

The main source I’m using for this is Dustin’s Uru Age Manager list of updates, which has links to explanations on how to access these Ages, both offline and online. But do feel free to contact me (Dot) with other snippets of news if you would like to have it featured.


1 Comment

  1. Anne Donahoo said,

    November 18, 2011 at 9:52 AM

    Wonderful news, hope some of these new ages will be integrated into MOUL soon

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