Mapping the regions

Devokan-Tao-Windring regions 9 Nov 2011

No, this isn’t a map of an area in Second Life. Rather, it’s showing just a few of the Myst/Uru-style regions in OSgrid.

The easiest way of finding this set of islands (and others) is to search for “Devokan Tao” on the OSgrid map. Devokan Tao operates as a hub or nexus for these and other Myst/Uru-style regions across OSgrid.

In the map above, Paislee and Dot are working on the area to the north-west. The three Pathways regions are the latest additions.

Filbert’s regions are in the south-west. Nuevo Relto has a spectacular elevator to take visitors from ground level to the islands in the clouds. Gehnna (a work-in-progress) in the far west may be strangely familiar to fans of Riven…

The Tao regions are to the east (of course!). Leah’s Eoliah estate is to the north and east, extending as far as the five new regions of Jorasco.

Shenn’s regions are to the south. Despite appearances on this map they are not empty sea, as can be seen from this photo of Yugen by rocapc:


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