Plurk, Project LR and Brazil

Plurk has been out there for some time and a lot of SLers use it and love it,  but only recently did I take the plunge.  I found it is a good venue to find out about SL events, chat with people and to make  posts to get the word out about ~D R U M~ performances and I used it during Burn 2 to get out information on what was going on. Also, one that I follow, Saffia Widdershins, puts out a plurk on the daily Jigzone puzzle which is fun to do and then go back and plurk your finish time. Plurk certainly wasn’t what I thought it was though my group of friends and and people I am following are small, it has been enough that I find myself checking it to keep up with what is going on. To my pleasure, a few MOULies like Kerryth and Nalates are plurking as well. This leads to my next topic, because I found out about this via Plurk.

Project LR

This is a beta project for SL premium customers which means if you have a premium account you can participate. Eventually this will be released to the general public. Hamlet Au posted a nice article on it in New World Notes with a link to a start location (only usable for premium customers). From all appearances, it looks like this will have tools for user created content in the future which could make this even more interesting. I decided to go check it out myself this morning.

I used the link in the article and found myself on a disk in a Premium Zone (that’s what the LM I made said).

The folder I got for the Premium Gift said Exclusive Premium Content – September 2011. I do not know if it will change each month but inside the folder was a nice selection of lamps, an end table, coffee table and sofa created by Colleen Desmoulins of  The Loft.

Looking around all I could see below was countryside scattered with rocks and at the end of the platform a pole with a green light leading towards an object on the plain. Neither the pole nor the green light appeared to do anything despite my attempts, so I just flew down to the object with a feeling of disquiet. As I flew, I noticed other hills in the distance with discs on top. Two appeared to be unfinished. Another was like the one I had tped to but did not have the pole or beam of light going down to the object.  Once at the object I had a definite feeling of having done this before! In front of me was an arch that had some transparent, swirling material in the center. Being the intrepid MOUL explorer, I shrugged my shoulders and stepped forward…

Why did this feel so familiar? I found myself in another world… I found I had acquired a HUD and received instructions to go to the Workshop so starting up a likely path, I found some signs and made my way to Base Camp and found the Workshop.

Inside, I was instructed to find some crystals. Evidently they are important in this world and I needed to find several colors as well as certain amounts of each crystal. Off I went down the paths looking for likely spots for crystals.  As I walked deeper into the forest I saw things moving in the distance. Carefully moving around a tree, I spotted my first crystal and ran towards it only to be surprised by something moving!

It came upon me  then suddenly, horribly changed and the world blotted out… When I awoke, I found myself in a clearing that I came to realize was a safe place from the Rock Things.

I quickly learned gathering crystals would be no easy task…

For those with premium accounts, this is a fun beta to check out. The SL Knowledge Base has information and a link where you can report any bugs or make comments.


Malia played catch-up on her last month’s posts and uploaded some wonderful pictures  to go along with them. She has a lovely rose arbor in her front yard and for those of us who are heading into fall the lovely flowers and green, green grass is something to envy! Malia also has posted pictures of various foods she has eaten along with a link to one of the Brazilian dishes she cooked.  Stop by Malia’s blog, Mary’s Travels and Travails and say hi!

Hunts and other things.

I had a request to add SL Hunts to the Blog Roll so it is there for those of us that like hunts. Issis, our hunt expert will be highlighting hunts we might be particularly interested in as well as adding to the Business page so keep an eye out for Issis’ postings. Dot will continue to keep us updated on the various metaversal things that intersect with our community. One great bit of news is the previous posting about There. It is wonderful to hear it is back and in beta.

**update – Check out the Community Business page – I have updated Park Place Decor news with DeAnn’s latest sales.


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