This and That

The Uru Community continues to be explorers no matter where they are. I caught up with Malia’s blog and found out she headed to Brasil in July to teach! Quite a change from China to be sure! Malia certainly is a world traveler in every sense of the word. Follow her blog to see her wonderful adventures and pictures. Please comment on her blog if you can to let her know we are thinking of her.

Sil-Oh-Wet has posted an update on her CarePage. She is working hard to get the infection from her drain under control and they had to put some sieves in to catch any blood clots. Keep the good thoughts, prayers and messages coming to Sil. If you haven’t signed in before, you will need to register before being able to post a comment.

One thing I wanted to do when I started The D’ni Voice was to be able to provide a link to the events that are going on in Second Life. Beach and Betara created a D’ni Refugee Event Calendar that I was able to embed in the Community Events/Calendar page. If you have an event you want put in the calendar, please send a notecard to either Beach (atrebor Zenovka) or Betara Brandenburg in-world so they can update their calender.

Please welcome Dot Macchi, DeAnn Dufaux and Beach as editors with The D’ni Voice. Betara will also be joining as soon as I can get her set up.

Events to note for this week:

This Saturday, October 29,  is an extra special Karaoke at The D’ni Village from 3:00 pm – 9:00 pm SLT!

From Betara’s notecard:

Halloween is fast approaching and we thought it might be fun to have a HALLOWEEN KARAOKE this week.

I have attached an LM that will deliver you to the D’ni Village Town square where our talented Karaoke Singers will dazzle us once more. As always, Dancing will be permitted, and we invite you to wear your favorite Halloween costume and/or Avie. While you are here, set to Midnight and stroll over to the Haunted House. Just be careful!! I cannot be responsible for any mishaps which may occur while you are exploring.

D’ni Village is alive and loaded with sights to see, so please look around!!! If you do, you may see sights you weren’t expecting…A haunted Castle, a lonely graveyared where one lady, well, let’s say she is still around, and a Lighthouse full of treasures from our URU past. Just watch out for the Crocs!!

Our DJ Sweetheart Donahoo will be DJing and who knows what will happen! The only sure bet is a GREAT time beginning at 3SLT!! Please Join us!!


Sunday, October 30,  ~D R U M~ will be playing 12 noon SLT at The Old Per Amphitheater, Mieville Verne for a full 90 minutes. Come get your percussion fix!


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