Results of the VMA Build-off

Written and photographed by DeAnn Dufaux, additional information provided by Beach RM (atrebor Zenovka)

At this year’s annual VMI (Virtual Museums, Inc.) buildoff, we’re happy to announce that our own Granelda won third place in the pro category, and even more importantly, won the popular vote!!


Art Deco City










The theme was art deco which produced a breathtaking city of art deco buildings from theaters to museums to department stores to homes – a wonderful tribute to an exciting era. Judging is done by professionals with a great deal of attention to detail both with design and with the technical aspects of building in Second Life. Those scores are then combined with the popular vote to determine the winners. The competition is stiff with some of the most well-known builders in SL participating.

Granelda, with her typical flair, designed and built a department store that was a real work of art – three stories with counters, models, and filegree railings. It invited you to sit and enjoy the wonders of a bygone time. It was easy to see why this one was a winner! Granelda says that, “The best part of being in these build-offs is meeting new friends and being with everyone.”


Granelda's prize winner

Granelda's prize winner


Beach also entered the competition in the novice category – his first attempt ever – and presented a wonderful and exciting addition to the field!  The colors were pure Beach and a real standout!!  He said that all the builds were wonderful and that Gran’s award was well deserved.


Beach's Masterpiece

Beach's Masterpiece


Congratulations to both Gran and Beach for a wonderful job. We’re so proud of both of you!!

Beach provided the list of winners and points awarded:

Novice Category:
1st place Jolie Serendipity 162/200
2nd place Arteer Oliva 154/200
3rd place 2Rottin Dean 152/200

Pro Category:
1st place Terra Tepper 181/200
1st place Marcan Aridian 181/200
2nd place Hideo Inaka 174/200
3rd place granelda Oh 151/200

People’s Choice Awards:
Novice: Camden McAndrews
Professional: granelda Oh


1 Comment

  1. October 25, 2011 at 7:50 PM

    Gran’s and Beach’s builds were neat. Both very deco-ish. Contrats to all. \o/

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