Who Really is The Stranger? and other things…


It appears Robyn Miller (yes, THE Robyn Miller) has started a thread on MOUL forums: Who Really is The Stranger?  Robyn sets us straight on the issue of The Stranger and gives some wonderful insight into the making of the Myst games and the thought that went into it. There is some great dialogue in this thread as well.

Additionally, Robyn is working on an upcoming film, the “The Immortal Agustus Gladstone” documentary. Check it out on his Tinselman site. Also follow the making of the documentary on The Immortal Augustus Gladstone blog for an inside view at making a documentary – Robyn is directing.


For those who get the D’ni Refugee notices, our Sil-Oh-Wet is in the hospital.  Head to Cedar-Sinai CarePages and sign up to leave a message. Last update was 22 hours ago where she says the radiation treatment has been put off for a bit as her shunt developed an infection and it has to be removed or adjusted so that it drains properly. She is having physical therapy and has managed to sit up on the edge of her bed.

Many of us know Sil from MOUL and SL. She was one of the people who came and got me when I first went to SL and helped fix me up to not look so noobish. Sil, along with others, have played a very important role in welcoming and getting a lot of us settled into SL. Please keep the support and messages coming.


Builders Brewery Group in SL recently had a glitch where 16,700 or so of their group members were kicked out of the group. The following message was sent out:

News Alert! Please Read

Today, during SL was having some serious issues that caused our sims to have several glitches.
During this time, our group bot got stuck in constant ejection mode, thus causing a mass eject.

We went from being the largest building group in Second Life of 16,700+ members, to only 434 this morning. :-(
Because the Builders Brewery needs these numbers to help sustain the school, we need your help more than ever, if we are to continue.

PLEASE rejoin, invite others, and get the word out.
LL is slow to respond, they are not sure if they can help yet, so we’re going through the process. We’ll keep you posted


copy and paste this link in your local chat window to pull up the group join window


If you have been a member please rejoin and help them out and pass the word. They have incredible classes and lot of great people who provide resources, assistance and advice to builders. Our DeAnn Dufaux is head of Education there. Check out their calendar for class times.


Beach (atrebor Zenovka)  and our granelda Oh will be participating in the VMA (Virtual Museum of Architecture) Art Deco Build-off inspired by the Art Deco style of the 1920s and 1930s. This will be held on Builders Brewery sandbox sim.  The build-off starts Friday, October 21 at 12:30 pm SLT and ends Sunday, October 23 at 12:30 pm SLT. Our brave Refugees have 48 hours to create their builds. Granelda is a veteran of these competitions and this will be Beach’s first time competing. Stop by and wish them well. I will post pictures as I can get them.

The Awards Gala is scheduled for Monday, October 24th, from 7:00–9:00 pm SLT, on the competition sim.



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  1. Isabeth said,

    October 21, 2011 at 2:20 PM

    Really Missed the voice .. glad someone is doing it again ! Thank you ! Sometimes I can’t log on for a few days and the Voice aways Brings me up to date. Thanks again for bring back the “D’ni Voice”

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