Issue #353 Monday, June 14, 2010


Issue #353 Monday, June 14, 2010




Rehnehmtahn Later

te-foon-et, memorial.  Rawa.  (Cf. teh and rifoon-.)


In response to those who are continually demanding answers, action and legal information from Cyan and have repeatedly ignored what Chogan, Rand, RAWA and others on the forums have reiterated more than once… RAWA basically says it all again.

Saturday, June 19 – all day
Event starts in Watcher’s Sanctuary at:
10:00 US Pacific, 11:00 US Mountain, 12:00 US Central, 13:00 US Eastern, 17:00 UTC, 18:00 British, 19:00 Central European
and moving to Minkata (see link for details) in SL: Guild of Healers Retreat

Tune in the music on any media player through Shoutcast, server kindly provided by Ashtar. Put in your media player.


This week’s Builder’s Brewery Classes are posted. Many new classes are being added and this is a great chance to add to your skills or learn something totally new. DeAnn is starting her Beginning Building classes again. Merchant’s Guild Market Day will run from June 15 to June 20 and a listing of entertainment has been posted.


New L.O.W. for this week is the letter K. DeAnn has a very nice Interactive KITCHEN on sale and Kerryth has a Kraken03 fractal rug. Park Place is participating in the Merchant’s Guild Market Day.


CCCP party has an early warning! Get ready to shake your tailfeathers, folks…

Blue Mars has lots of events going for this whole week.


Nyx Breen

With SB7B in full swing and the distant light of the Fires of Burning Life off in the horizon, I believe it’s time to outline a few events and group discussions that will be occurring at Burn U over the summer.

As you know White was very strong on the artistic side and it showed in her events. I also participate in the artistic side of the creative process in SL, but I lean a little more toward the “Building Arts” and the processes needed to create architectural builds. So, with this in mind I would like to announce a series of workshops over the summer months on a biweekly schedule. They will include noted individuals who specialize in the skill set that’s being discussed, sharing of information and materials, and a way of showing the before and after of all who would like to participate.

“Building Based Community Learning Activities”

The kickoff event will be held on June 26th – 9 SLT at the Burniversity location, it will focus on “Textures: The theme for Burning Life is a very unique one this year  and we would love to assist anyone and all in creating personalized textures that go with the theme. I have asked several well know Texture artist in SL from the “commercial side” and “I do it because I love to do it” side to come to Burn U and talk a little about the processes they use to create some truly wonderful images. There will be a focus on creating and then applying textures to builds where I’m sure a few tricks of the trade will be shared with all.

As for the next upcoming event I am going to ask the group where they would like to have the focus placed, Building techniques, advanced twisting of prims scripting, lighting and so one. I will place out a box that will accept note cards with your suggestions on them at Burn U and the suggestions that come up the most or are truly different we will address.

As for the last part of the statement I made about the before and after of every ones progress. I would like to do a “Texture Trade Day” where textures original made and owned only and are made specifically for the Burning Life event this fall based on the Theme of Burning Life be shown and traded. Hopefully this will create a more cohesive community feel to the Burning Life village and we will have a look that’s unique yet tied together over all.

Well thank You for your time and I look forward to your suggestions and input in the upcoming Burn U events.

Good Building
Nyx Breen

Tuesday, June 15 from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM SLT

Stranger Than Fiction, sponsored by Avatar Bizarre.
Dress up as your favorite fictional character and dance the night away as DJ Sredni Eel spins all of your favorites from the New Wave Era, plus some forgotten gems, and a spot of newer synthpop and EBM.  Bring your requests, because with a song collection the size of Calcutta, the DJ is sure to have what you want to hear!

We’re voting old-school style:  watch for your favorite fictional characters and send your vote in IM to the DJ!  Whoever has the most votes wins an exclusive prize from Avatar Bizarre!


                                    * Community-Strength-Togetherness *


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