Issue #348 Friday, May 28, 2010


Issue #348 Friday, May 28, 2010




Please note that after today The D’ni Voice and the blog will only be published on Monday and Friday. Check the sidebar for the pages with links to Community areas, Exploration, Businesses and Metaversal Events. I will update these pages as I get current information. The Hunts and Freebies section will be discontinued, please see our avid expert huntresses Angelfire Teebrook, Tichelle Teebrook or Riana Eiren for hunt and freebie information.

Community Businesses has moved to its own page with pictures. Metaversal Events will move to its own page on Monday.

Purgal Adge Market is participating in several hunts. Check the Community Business page for links to the hunts

Grand Opening Party – Park Place Home Decor and Spyralle Fashions by Kerryth – Come Friday to the grand opening on a new sim. See Community Business for information.

Rehnehmtahn Later

sifay (n.) wired; (ex.) ahneeteeah sifay = get wired! (Wired Magazine, Sept. 1997)



Donahoo Destiny
Friday, 3:00 PM SL, 4:00 PM KI, 6:00 PM Eastern time
Locations: MOULa: Karaoke Hood
SL – Donahoo’s Relto at Vulcan Myst
Hostess: SL – Donahoo Destiny / MOULa – Donahoo_DJ KI # 855773.

To listen in Uru, you have to plug this url : into your browser or your music player: i.e. Windows Media Player, WinAmp; iTunes, or Yahoo music if anyone is still using that one.

DaytonaKit Margules
Saturday, 3:00 PM (SL), 4:00 PM KI time, 6:00 PM Eastern time
Locations: SL: TBD
MOULa: Karaoke’s Hood
D’niJ: TBD in SL and MOULa KI# TBD
Hosts: TBD

No D’niJ’s or Hosts were available this week for Karaoke 😦

No singing required; just come and listen to us. If you decide you want to try this yourself for future events; go to and make a free account. Instructions are there for creating your songs. Then go to and submit a karaoke card with the links to your songs.

Second Life attendees can listen on the land server and you all know how to do that. MOUL attendees have to listen with an outside player. There will be two shoutcast servers used in hopes that we will have a big turnout.

GT Radio:

Rehnehmtahn Later (Rehn)
Saturday, 10:00 PM KI Time in Tsahno’s Hood in MOULa – if the Bevin is not visible in the Nexus PM r’Tayrtahn, ( KI # 308297 ) for an invite.
and Sunday, 10:00 PM (SL)

.shorah gah bigtotee  Rehn

Ghaelen Winnikow
Sunday, 11:30 PM SLT (This is a slight time change so we can enjoy the sunset and sunrise)

Meditations are being held in SL until technical difficulties can be resolved in the Cavern.

Dot Macchi
Sunday, 1:00 PM KI Time, 8:00 PM GMT
Location: The Meeting Place Bevin

If the Hood is not visible in Nexus please IM Ivy KI#118977.

Josie Blue – Community Coordinator
Please note to sign up for events you will need a FaceBook Account

May 28 Friday

Music Night! 3pm HST, 6pm PDT, 9pm EDT, 2am GMT
Share your favorite guitar licks, or stream your favorite song. Come on, give us a song! (No naughty lyrics please)
BLU$ prizes.

May 29 saturday

Bowling for BLU$ 11am HST, 2pm PDT, 5pm EDT, 10pm GMT
Lace up those bowling shoes and join us for fun and BLU$ prizes.



June 1 to June 30

The Hybrid hunt not only caters to nekos, but to all of the “hybrids” out there, be you bunny, puppy, duck, fox or otherwise. The theme is, of course, hybrids- creativity is key. And with some of SL’s hottest creators on board, you can’t go wrong!



Riana Eiren

Head to the back of the store for a lucky poster. Then head back to the cheapies section where there are a lot of very nice items to select from. Everything your fairy heart desires is here!



Sensuous Maximus & Supremius Maximus – Builders Brewery
Sunday, 12:00 PM to 2:00 PM
From notecard:

Put on that hot swimwear, and meet us at the beach! We’re celebrating our 2nd year of the Brewery, so we’re partying beach bum style!

In early May 2008, we opened the doors to our first shop on  (home of the Art Door Community, a prestigious group of artists and creators in SL).  We had so many ideas and goals, but never in our wildest dreams, conceiving, that we would end up where we are today, although we’re pretty close to our original goals, we never expected the group to grow like it has, and still feel like such a close family, all caring and helping one another, the friendships, priceless…  And then topping it all off, by hitting 5000 members this past week! \o/  It’s definitely time to celebrate!

It’s been an incredible journey with all of you to say the least, and the success of the Brewery so far, is due wholly because of it’s amazingly generous, helpful, and friendly members and instructors.  We look forward to many years and great times ahead, as the Brewery has some exciting goals we’re reaching for, and we hope each of you will come along with us, from now, and into our future.

Our sincerest thank you to everyone, I wish we would hug you all! 🙂

Much Love and Hugs,
Sensuous “Sen” Maximus
Supremius “Sup” Maximus

Jandai Writer
See also this topic about Age & Country Hotel

“With the closing of the Port Luskan medieval RP island, a new RP is coming to the A&C. Half a dozen or so of the islanders have escaped their fate and landed in this strange world. What will they make of modern conveniences (like toilets)? What trouble will they get themselves in? Will they ever solve the mysteries that haunt their past? Drow, gnomes, and dragons descend on the A&C, and things may never be the same… See attached notecard for details on joining the new RP!”

From the notecard How to Join the New A & C Hotel RP:

GM and RP Admin:
Marae Arizona is the contact person for all matters concerning the role play, including RP administration, character applications, and story line questions.

Hotel Manager and Island Admin:
Jandai Writer is the contact person for all matters concerning the hotel and the island of Minkarta, including such things as room rental, the build, prim usage, and Market space.

General questions may be directed to either of us.

The Age and Country Hotel, oddly situated with the Australian coast on one side and the New Mexico desert on the other, has seen more than its share of singular situations and bizarre beings in its day, but it has just entered a new era of weirdness. A rag-tag group of medieval islanders, fleeing what they believe to be a fate worse than death, have tumbled out of a portal and into the hotel lobby. With no place else to go, and no clue (yet) how to find their way in the modern world, they drop anchor at the A&C to get their bearings, and maybe a drink and a sandwich. Some might even get a room. The hotel’s current residents will now have to deal with this influx of refugees to the best of their ability. And of course, with the newly opened portal, the Fissure, and the tunnel to Hawaii, not to mention all the linking books, there’s no telling who – or what – might show up next.

There are two types of role play at the A&C:

1) Hotel Guest (casual RP): Anyone may participate. Drop in for a drink, a meal, an event, or an overnight stay. RP your SL self or any character you choose. You need not wear a meter, and you need not fill out an application. All we ask is that you respect other RPers and Hotel guests, and the ongoing role play. If you attempt to “godmode” or hijack the RP, you will be asked to change your RP or leave.

2) Hotel Resident (ongoing RP): In depth, ongoing role play based at the A&C. You are not required to rent a room to participate, but approved role players have that option available to them (rental for active role players is free with a 50 prim allowance).

If you are interested in joining the ongoing role play at the A&C, we ask that you contact Marae Arizona and let her know. She will provide you with guidelines for creating or modifying your character to fit in at the A&C, and information on practical matters such as room rental and the SpellFire system. You may fill out the attached A&C Hotel character application sheet to speed the process along.

A&C Hotel Character Application:

Please RENAME this notecard “<your SL name> A&C Hotel RP Application”

Please complete the following and submit it to Marae Arizona. If there is anything in your history or information of which your character is unaware, please include it but note that your character is unaware of it.


Character Name:

Second Life Name:

Character Age:

Character Race:
Please choose a race from the selection on the SpellFire HUD. If you do not find your race listed, contact the GM and we will figure out the best equivalent. If your race is unfamiliar to the GM, you will be asked to submit a description. For those coming from Port Luskan, IMPORTANT: The SpellFire Meter registers your race, and that is what will now give you your stats.

Character Alignment:
(Examples: lawful good, chaotic evil). Alignment is also selected with the SpellFire HUD. It will not be used as strictly as in some RPs, but will serve as a guideline for your character’s behavior. If you have questions regarding alignment, please ask the GM.

Character Class:
(NOTE: Whereas in Port Luskan, Class determined your powers, that is now handled under Race. Class is for RP purposes only). We are beginning with the classes available in the Port Luskan RP: Bard, Druid, Knight, Mage, Mechjammer, Priestess, Rogue, Shaman, Warrior, and Witch. This list may be modified or expanded depending on interest in the new RP. The Townsfolk class is now “Hotel Resident” and indicates an ordinary everyday person, a good choice if you are not sure yet what you want to be. You may change your class from Hotel Resident to any of the other classes by letting the GM know you wish to change. If you are uncertain what class to choose, please ask the GM for help. Dual-classing is being considered; if you hope to give your character a second class, please speak with the GM.

Will you be residing at the hotel? Room number if known:

Reason for joining:

Who referred you:

General Playing Time:
(For example, “SL time mornings”). We ask in order to be able to provide events at times you are most likely to be around.

Character Back Story:
Attach a note if required and title it “<your SL name> Back Story.” Please include any special abilities or items your character has. Please do not bring these into play until your character has been approved.

 Additional notes and comments:

Questions for the GM:

Date SL account was created:

Additional SL avatar names:

Information on additional avatars (“alts”) is kept strictly confidential and is not given out to anyone other than A&C Role Play Admin and, if necessary, Minkarta Island Admin.

We ask for this information for three reasons:

1) From the GM’s perspective, RP runs more smoothly if you know someone is managing more than one avatar. Since some systems cannot handle running two instances of SL simultaneously, it also helps with scheduling if you know two characters cannot be run at the same time.

2) It helps to prevent crossover from one character to another.

3) We ask to know your alts as a matter of security, for the safety of all, including you.

You are not required to divulge this information, but we take lying in any form as a very serious offense, and use of an alt to circumvent administrative action such as banning will not be tolerated.


We are using the SpellFire combat system for role play at the A&C. Wearing the meter is optional, but it will open up otherwise unavailable areas of RP for you. The A&C version of the SpellFire meter and HUD is available in the Hotel reception area (the LM is at the top of this notecard); it is free. Accessories, including many free items, may be found at Stone Keep:

We look forward to RPing with you!

Marae Arizona
Jandai Writer


                                    * Community-Strength-Togetherness *



  1. Donahoo said,

    May 28, 2010 at 6:50 AM

    About karaoke, my husband is extremely unhappy with me volunteering every week, so I’m taking this week off. I’ll sign up for next week.

  2. thednivoice said,

    May 28, 2010 at 12:43 PM

    That is more than ok, Donahoo! You do so much for us musically already. Enjoy your time off. 🙂

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