Issue #321 Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Issue #321 Wednesday, April 21, 2010




Rehnehmtahn Later

yahrmet (adv.) today (combined from yahr = day and met = this)



DMom2K Darwin

I have been watching the MOUL forums for sometime now and feel there is a very disquieting trend where certain individuals have taken to using the tactics of bullying to get threads closed that they evidently don’t like/agree with/or just want to get it closed because they can. Purposeless comments that generally denigrate others, obvious intent to try to get flaming started, harassment taken to other threads/postings/Twitter etc. all serve to show this intent. Last week I posted about Pink Shirt Day – a day to stand up against bullying. Bullying comes in many forms….not just physical. Deliberate continual postings with intent to harm is flat out abusive. This abusive behavior should not be tolerated, everyone deserves respect and sadly I see it continuing to be perpetrated. is the first forum I have seen that has a wonderful section called Standards for Discussion and Debate. There is a lot of good information and dialogue on this section including SD&D Intents and Goals by Nalates which sets the tone. I am also hoping the mods of the MOUL forum have seen that section are working towards some standards in posting behavior for MOUL that will help allievate this situation which has been worsening for some time. Let us keep in mind that some people may be frustrated, working in a second language or have simply  misunderstood another’s post. Using common sense and politely requesting clarification usually will clear up the misunderstanding or difficulty – if anything it tends to generate more meaningful dialogue. If the person continues to post in such a manner, it may be prudent to bring the poster and postings to the mod’s attention in a PM with the links, especially if these type of postings are spread over the forum (and other locations) by the same person(s). What happens in the forums will carry over to the Cavern and newcomers may come to the forum and what they see there will set the tone as to whether they think MOULa is worthwhile to try. If MOULa dies, it surely will be killed from within by this type of behavior. We need to let the MOUL mods know that this is an important issue and that we can all work to make the forums better.

Nalates Urriah – Nalates Things and Stuff Blog

Nalates has provided great links to some tutorials that are now being put out for Age Building. I had stumbled across the Age Creation on YouTube while looking for any new Uru videos.

DMom2K Darwin
Blue Mars Members Forum
Blue Mars on Facebook

Events at last! Please note for these links you will need a Facebook account.

April 21 Wednesday:
Let’s Do Lunch / Dinner at Welcome Area – Chat with Josie and the gang! 
9am HST, noon, PDT, 3pm EDT, 8pm GMT.  Sign up here.

Earth Day Adventure Preview for Quest Guides. Josie hosts it at Digital DNA.
10am HST, 1pm PDT, 4pm EDT, 9pm GMT.  Sign up here
3pm HST, 6pm PDT, 9pm EDT, 2am GMT

April 22 Thursday:
Earth Day Adventure with Josie (and Guides) in Digital DNA
7am HST, 10am PDT, 1pm EDT, 6pm GMT.  Sign up here
Noon HST, 3pm PDT, 6pm EDT, 11pm GMT. Sign up here

NOTE:  This adventure will run for several days.

Thursday Night Bowling Bash with Josie at the Beach City Bowling Alley
3pm HST, 6pm PDT, 9pm EDT, 2am GMT.  Sign up here



DMom2K Darwin
bourgery – YouTube

This is one of the funniest takes on Second Life I have seen to date.

Malia Writer
Follow Malia in RL on her China adventure at:

Jandai Writer

The sound of a diesel motor chugging and water slapping against wood filled my ears; trying to outdo the thumping of my head.  I groaned and heard,
“I think she’s coming to, Cap’n,” then, “Missy, eh Missy…how ‘bout you open them eyes, we were worried about ya.”

Slowly opening my eyes and squinting in the sunlight, I began to focus on room I had awoken in.  Looking about I could see I was in some kind of small cabin.  There was the bed I was laying upon, a desk where my hip bag now sat, a chair which the speaker was sitting on, and not a lot else.  I went to sit up and immediately felt dizzy.

“Now, now, rest back Missy” the man said, “you took a hit there, we tried to miss you, but the wave tossed you into the side of our boat.”

Laying back down, I closed my eyes until the dizziness and nausea had passed.  Then as I remembered what had happened, I said, “INNSMOUTH!”

The man started and said, “I’ll just get the Cap’n”  He jumped from the chair and headed out the door.

The next man to appear I assumed was the Cap’n.  He introduced himself to me as Dan and told me I was on a small fishing vessel. 

“Way out here?”  My face must have looked as incredulous as my voice sounded, for Dan laughed and said,

“Of course, we get the biggest, best quality fish around and therefore the best price.  All because we are willing to go further out to sea than most, and spend a little more time off shore.  But because of that, we only go out a few times per year, and the fish have a chance to restore their numbers.  It’s the best out here.”

“But what about Innsmouth?” I asked, “Don’t you have to worry about the creatures there?  Have you ever docked there and seen the devastated town?”

The smile slid from Dan’s face, “I don’t know what you are talking about…I have never heard of the place you mention.”

“It was where I was swimming from when you found me” I said, sounding desperate as I tried to remember exactly what had happened just as the boat had found me.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t remember seeing the boat, only that my head had hit *something*, and the other man had said I had been tossed into the side of their boat.

“We found you out to sea, miss.” Dan said, “I think the knock on your head is playing with your mind, your memory, you know?”  Dan’s eyes bore into mine, and I could only nod.  “I’ll send Steve in with some water for you, I expect you are dehydrated.”  Dan got up and left and moments later, in walked the first man, whom I then found out was Steve.

Steve stayed with me for most of the evening, and I found I had been rescued the evening before.  It had now been twenty four hours since I had been rescued from that horrible place, and we were not far from the mainland, Steve explained.  Steve stayed with me as I drifted off to sleep, and I murmured to him that I would show him my polaroid pictures later of what I had found in Innsmouth.  Steve left, and I overheard snippets of him speaking with Dan, and I’m sure I heard him mention polaroids.

It must have been near midnight when I woke again, and suddenly I needed to see my pictures; I needed to know that I hadn’t imagined the whole thing.  My hip bag was sitting on the desk and I picked it up, suddenly knowing what I was going to find. 

No pictures.  No camera even.  I know they had been there, and I was sure Dan & Steve didn’t want my story getting out.  I sat up slowly, and this time didn’t become dizzy.  Creeping outside of my cabin, I crept up behind a sleeping Steve.  Steve, who had been so nice to me, was sleeping next to a container which had only recently held something hot, something which had been so hot, it had become nothing but melted remains of photographs, polaroids even.  I held back a frustrated cry and crept back to my room. 

I knew why they had done it.  Money – that was the most lucrative fishing area they had told me, and I was sure Dan knew what had happened to Innsmouth.  He didn’t want to upset the applecart as that could upset his income.  They had probably only picked me up because they were worried about where my body would surface if they hadn’t.  And then to find out I had polaroids – wow, they must be thanking their lucky stars.

I couldn’t say anything.  Like it or not, they were my saviours, and I needed them to get back to shore.  So the next day when I searched for the polaroids and acted out my anguish at the loss of my camera and pictures, they both consoled me suitably.  Steve (the swine) even went as far as to suggest I hadn’t grabbed the camera and pictures from my suitcase.  They were both good actors, and I acted out my part so well, I was sure someone be waiting with an Oscar when we docked.

That wasn’t to be, and Innsmouth was to affect the rest of my life.  In the beginning, I tried to gather funds and interest in returning.  I tried to tell anyone who would listen that the Innsmouth townsfolk needed closure, and that the creatures needed to be dealt with.  No one believed me, my story was too incredulous to be true.  I gave my writings to a friend, who thought it a cute story and published it in parts on her blog.  I couldn’t sleep and told a doctor about the reasons why.  This netted me a diagnosis – a label, and that label would stay with me for the remainder of my days.  Each time I mentioned Innsmouth, the doctors would all look at their notes, and nod at the label which ruined my job, my friendships and my self-worth.

So now I spend my days in the activity room, playing pool or backgammon with whomever is there that day.  I don’t see any of my previous friends, and my family visit on special occasions for an embarrassed ten minutes or so of silence.  I have long stopped mentioning that place, the place which ruined my life.

And when I cry out in the night, with the nightmares which rise unbidden during my sleep, a nurse comes and places a wafer of medication onto my tongue.  It sticks to my tongue and I wouldn’t be able to spit it out, even if I wanted to…but I don’t want to, for this medication numbs my brain and allows me to sleep without the horrors which are waiting to remind me of some place I visited in the past.

So tell me, as you read or listen to this tale….would you like to visit Innsmouth?

*Editor’s note: If you have not been here, this is a definite must see. After reading Jandai’s account, I took the trip. I am still shivering…..

*if you find any links to interesting places, please forward them to Jandai Writer.



Rehnehmtahn Later (Rehn)

D’NI 101
Wednesday, 7:00 PM (SL)

Location is the Tokatah Terrace overlooking the canyon in the City.



Rehnehmtahn Later (Rehn)

D’NI 101
Thursday, 8:00 AM (SL)
Location is Age of Myst
and 8:30 PM (SL)
Location is the Tokatah Terrace overlooking the canyon in the City.

D’NI 201
Thursday, 10:00 AM (SL) & 9:30 PM (SL)
Location is the Tokatah Terrace overlooking the canyon in the City.

.shorah gah bigtotee

atrebor Zenovka
Thursday, 4:30 PM SL  5:30 PM KI Time
Host: SkydiverWatashi Fall KI# 235522

 and at theContinuous Cavern City Bevin (IM Watashi if Bevin is not showing in the Nexus)

Music: Land server in SL, URL for the Cavern


If you have a product, sale, update, hunt you are participating in or if you change the location of your store, please drop me a note before your day of posting so I can make sure I get it in that week.

Exodus Karu

If you have and questions or request for custom work please drop Exodus Karu an IM.

Ishtar Roussel

Borg Capalini

catseye Fride
At the tent in the plaza

Also on  Xstreet:


If you have land for sale or rent you may post it here.

WELCOME TO Park Place Home Decor Rentals !

Loring Enterprises at Park Place would like to invite to make your home here at “Forest Hills Estates” on Loring Park Place sim.

1. These parcels are 4096 Sq Meters with a two tenant limit, at 1874L$ per week.  Each parcel will have a total of 937 prims allowed.
2.  Each parcel comes unfurnished and no landscaping.
3. Tenants have landscaping and terraforming rights.
4. Rental time frames are one week minimum – 8 weeks maximum.

There are 2 parcels available, sharing the above description.

Lot 3
Lot 4

Come look around!!

Enjoy your time with Loring Rentals.  Contact Bobo Loring for any questions..
Bobo Loring President
DeAnn DuFaux Vice President



Tavish Flanagan



Dichromus Miles and Zedra Benoir
Wednesday, 5:00 – 7:00 PM (SL)

Aderyn Quinnell



DMom2K Darwin



DMom2K Darwin

Oh, I keep coming back and coming back and coming back to Poetic Colors. Look for the newest set of freebie eyes, Spring Meadow. Outside Lano Ling has generously provided some lovely free eyes for avatars under 30 days.



James Wagner Au – New World Notes

“Let’s say you created a photorealistic Second Life skin, and then discovered that someone else was re-selling elements from it, claiming it as their own. How would you prove you were the original creator?”

Watch the video to see what goes into making a skin and how one creator tries to ensure his work is truly unique.


                                    * Community-Strength-Togetherness *


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