Issue #310 Tuesday April 6, 2010


Issue #310 Tuesday, April 6, 2010




Isabeth Queler

I want to thank everyone who sent prayers and best wishes to Baby Michael Deerin.   He is off the heavy life support system and on a small ventilator.  They have cut his medication as the virus seems to be clearing up.  The fluid in his lungs is almost gone. His blood pressure has stabilized and he has been upgraded to Stable but is still on 24 hours watch.   The doctors still wont’ give us a time line as to when (If) he can come home.

Some wonderful URU people have asked if there is anyway they might be able to help offset the mounting costs.  As you can imagine the cost for fuel and transportation has reached staggering proportions.   And as expected, Michael Derrin’s daddy is not working.  If you are moved to help with expenses, anything you can manage would be deeply appreciated.

If you have Paypal you can go to the gift tab and transfer funds there.

 Also any word of encouragement would be welcomed. 

(IM Isabeth Queler or DMom2K Darwin in-world for notecard with info on contacting family)

Again.   I am truly grateful for all the support and prayers .. All of you, the URU community have been truly Awesome! 

Nalates Urriah

┃ Changing Myst-Uru World
Nalates Urriah 2010-04-05

Last week saw several interesting changes in our community. I think they foreshadow things to come. Some think in some ways some things will be better and in some ways worse. I suppose which mostly depends on our viewpoints. Regardless of viewpoint being able to keep track of what is happening in the community is going to be more complex.

MOUL forum moderation came under pressure. A movement was started, mostly headed up by Whilyam, to remove veralun, a long time moderator. The result, whether from the pressure or just a coincidence, is MOUL moderators seem more active. Also, the announcement has come out that IC role play on the MOUL forum is no longer allowed. MOUL is now clearly OOC only. They are aware much of our conversation has IC aspects and will be working with us… but things like the IC Devokan story thread are to be locked. (Whether they will actually lock it is unknown). All IC role play is to move to the DRC Forum (1), which is a rather sleepy forum.

Those of us playing in Devokan and contributing to the story are deciding where to move the story. I suspect the story ‘journals’ will move back to the GoMa forum (2) and the Devokan blog (3). We are discussing the move at (4).

The Messengers are a growing group and they are working across the forums and in the Cavern. I don’t see them covering much news from SL, OS, or other worlds. I suppose that could be inaccurate and I’m just missing it… It seems to have fallen to our shining star Dmom to cover other worlds and blend them. I see her as the unifying force in the greater Myst-Uru community.

The freedom of open source is being felt. Adam’s WhoM and OHB’s OHBot are new features in the community. We have lived with both a ‘Who’s On’ and Bots in SL for some time. Technology and features from other games are coming to Uru Open Source or Open Uru. Those objecting to having a bot in the Cavern were simply told by OHB to first go see the bot then offer constructive critique. It is an interesting contrast in how many controversies have been handled in the past and how one can handle them in a positive way. My efforts at OU in Standards for Discussion and Debate (5) are in the hope of seeing more people respond as statesmen. Whatever, those objecting and trying to control things are finding most are moving ahead without them.

More people are putting up SIM’s in OSGrid and other related SL software based worlds. I have a region and have started configuring for a second. What would cost me US$600/month in SL is basically free in OSGrid. (Donations are needed to support the grid of one’s choice).

Over all I see us still spreading out. The challenge is keeping up with the change and knowing where to get news of developments. I see the GoMe as a good source for things closely Cyan Cavern related and The D’ni Voice as the source for the combined Cyan and other worlds news.

Be sure to share your sources and resources with The D’ni Voice.

║ Links


Editor’s note: Thank you, Nalates, for such wonderful words of support and, yes, please keep me appraised of any events in the Metaverse, all are interesting and if I can visit, I surely will. I want to encourage a TransMetaversal world as we have taken the first steps toward becoming Citizens of the Metaverse. No matter where we reside, we have wonderful things to show and share with everyone and we should keep our minds and hearts open to the possiblities now before us.

Rehnehmtahn Later

ko- (aux. v.) did/-ed.  prefix for a verb; past tense (ex) mees = I speak, komees = I spoke



Jamey Inventor
Tuesday, 1:00 – 2:00 PM SL and 2:00-3:00 PM KI time
Location: Cavern Book Club Bevin contact Jamey KI# 46415 if Bevin is not showing in Nexus.

Bring a copy of the Myst novels, as well as other Myst-related things that you’d like to read. Microphones are highly recommended if you want to read to everyone.




DMom2K Darwin

Man, talk about getting shipwrecked! Upon linking in, I found myself on a foundering ship with several others.


I looked for a way to get off this ship, things looked dire!


I spotted a hatchway near the bow and made my way to it…


And crawled through and to my surprise ended up in a green glade…..


I took off to get away from that door and found myself confronting a plant that made me very uneasy as it followed my every movement…


So I carefully edged my way around this plant and proceeded down the pathway. I found yet another door and decided to try my luck again.


While I am not afraid of heights, I do hate spiders with a passion! I spied a rope and decided I would take the chance…


As I swung to the opposite side, I tried not to look down…lord knows if there were bigger, uglier spiders down there! I found yet another door and passed through.


This time I found myself in a temple with Gryphons! I spotted yet another door and made my way over to it… A dark room of great columns! In some way, this felt familiar….as though I had been in a place like this before. I wondered if the D’ni had built this? Who else could construct such wonders?


I moved forward again seeking another door, another person…..I will let you, dear explorer, find out more on your own…

Malia Writer
Follow Malia in RL on her China adventure at:

Jandai Writer
*if you find any links to interesting places, please forward them to Jandai Writer.



SkydiverWatashi Fall
Tuesday, 12:00 PM to 4:00 PM SLT

Come to CLUB TOK in Gira City on Tuesdays for BLUE MONDAY ON TUESDAY, the best in Blues, old and new.   Da Blues Man



Rehnehmtahn Later (Rehn)
D’NI 101
Wednesday, 7:00 PM (SL)
Location is the Tokatah Terrace overlooking the canyon in the City.



If you have a product, sale, update, hunt you are participating in or if you change the location of your store, please drop me a note.

Jandai Writer

DeAnn Dufaux

DeAnn is participating in the Funny Bunneh Hunt from April 2 to April 30. Start point here:  Park Place is #19 out of 60 shops.

Jazz Porta


If you have property for sale or rent you may post here.



Svigermor Dhamen

SkydiverAnarta Fall and SkydiverColorado Calloway

Interested in Geocaching? Well, Eder Gira is now part of the ‘ Official Metaverse Geocaching Hunt”
Follow this link:



Dichromus Miles and Zedra Benoir
Tuesday, 5:00 – 7:00 PM (SL)

Alty Saphir & Rekbarel Turkel



Riana Eiren
Freebie on either floor for men and women and an egg hunt for various clothing prizes.

Riana Eiren
No time frame given but won’t last long
From the notecard:

You may notice there is a bit of extra activity around ~silentsparrow~
The Rookery (awesome pretty sparrow club space)
is hosting:

The Black Bacchanal

The Carnival is in town the next handful of days , hosting a selection of awesome designers.
With SUPER AWESOME DEALS on really pretty things. ALSO Gacha! There is a Rainbowy Version of Tshirt bird holding some lovely
circusy things.

Go to the shop first!

then! Take the MUSHROOMS IN THE COURTYARD 😀 They are a teleport to The Rookery 

This won’t be around very long!
and I promise you DO NOT want to miss this!

Be well birdies 😀

Riana Eiren
Hunt: May 1 to May 30
Application due: April 25 to Sutha Stoop

 ***Pride Brighten Up the Darkness
 Starts may 1-30
Accepting application till April  25
From the notecard:
__iF you got Pride we want you. everyone is accepted this time. dont have to be a gay/lesbian place or store. Just open minded and accepting of everyone. Much love sue.
Why do the hunt?  It will bring up your traffic and your store name will be in several blogs.
I will need the following information

Name of the Store:
Landmark for the store:

slurl for store location:
Contact person if theres a problem with your item or your store:
Store Owner:
Type of Store:
Rules for the  Hunt 
PLEASE  LOOK AT THE BLOG  IF YOU HAVE BEEN ACCEPTED INTO THE HUNT THEN YOU WILL BE ADDED TO THE BLOG. You will get a invite to the group and I will contact you. So please look at the blog before asking me.

*Applications are always accepted.  They need to be returned to Sutha Stoop. 

* If you are approved as a vendor, then I will invite you to join our hunters Group.  This group will be where you let me know if  you’re going to have some problem with your store an so forth.

* You will receive a poster for your store, which will need to be displayed outside of your store during the hunt, as well as 2 weeks before.  One of my friends or myself will be doing a walk through of the stores 7 days before it starts to make sure the signs are out .

*You will recieve your hunt item when you are accepted into the hunt along with the LM to the next hunt. 

* Each item needs to have a visible landmark to the next store. Please do not place the next landmark inside the item with no place for the hunters to rez things. If you do however have a place for the hunters to rez you may do that.  All folders need to be labelled (e.g  SA  #001  (Store Name, this part is optional)

* The prizes cannot be freebies, they need to be quality items.  There also needs to be either a gender neutral gift inside or a male and female gift..  You may have more than one gift box in your store if you wish.

* You will be notified of your acceptance immediately, so you can start working on your gift. If you have not heard anything about your application status in 1-2 days, please contact me and resend it.  I will be making sure that you have the landmark for your item by the 12am on hunt start day .

*When you return your completed application please rename your notecard, Your name- Store Name (Sutha Stoop- Sutha Scripts ) something like that so i can keep my inventory and my folders organized.

Thanks Sutha Stoop.. 🙂

Riana Eiren
These were still going on when Riana checked them out Saturday.

Loco Poco’s Easter Egghunt Extravaganza! (no dates)
(from the non-clickable sign) “Come explore loco Pocos Island and the new Poco Village to find 6 eggs and unhatch a special prize Avatar and Poco Pal. Find golden eggs for even more special prizes! (there’s a smaller clickable sign that says: “start here” and a large green button marked “Play.” Another sign to the right of that explains: “1. wear HUD 2. find eggs 3. touch egg 4. grand prizes. Good Luck!” and a treasure chest that has floating text reading “Click when finished” and has a golden egg on its front.

First two locations:
Egg location #1
Egg location #2

Moloko Hunt (Mar 28 – Apr 4th)
Hunt out 5 easter eggs hidden around Moloko for various prizes.

Easter Spring Town Hunt (no dates given)
15 eggs; no sign as such but periodic green text announcements in the area. Cute easter egg hunt going on and super easy. Freebie easter basket to wear right next to where you rezz. There’s also free ears and a tail nearby, and an opportunity to get and decorate your very own free egg costume. >.>

:::Anomaly::: Deviations from the Normal

:S:ycophancy Hunt (no dates)
Hunt out 10 eggs hidden around :S:ycophancy. The items are mens and womens clothing. Super easy and hard to resist….

[M2M] Egg Hunt (no dates)
Hunt out 61 easter eggs around M2M, they range in price from L$0-L$10. Another easy and…*sheepish* hard to resist? hunt? ok, ok, I did some of this one too. ^^;; This hunt can’t be called “hard”–the eggs are right out in the open all over things! The real fun is looking to see what’s inside ’em! 😉 Some outfits have matching parts in other eggs. There’s stuff for guys and gals. (guys should check pink eggs too–some guy stuff is in those! See there, I saved you from missing stuff!)



Riana Eiren

You will have to fly up because the sim has a landing point.

Riana Eiren

New freebie in the shop, directly in front of you near the tree.



by MIllennium Sands, Urban Riots Desk – Alphaville Herald

“Danny06 Aya is a grown up guy in First Life, but in Second Life he’s a boy. His real life typist suffers from a traumatic brain injury (TBI), and it seems likely that his avatar reflects the true state of the way he experiences his life. When Danny06 Aya’s dog Cassie Jo died in First Life at the end of March, Danny was crushed. But his Second Life friends understood his sorrow and did what they could to keep him up. Danny’s friend Vito Rossini runs the Dogland Park in SL, and Danny got a job there. Since Mr. Rossini is a surviver of TBI himself, Danny and him became so close that Danny started to call Mr. Rossini uncle, and to console his “nephew” and help him to handle his loss, Mr. Rossini called in a memorial service for Danny’s lost dog.”

Griefers showed up at that service and disrupted the event some of which was caught on tape by a machinima artist who was present. I am also a survivor of TBI and daily have deal with the difficulties that go with this injury – for many of us each day is a challenge or goal to surmount. While I realize the griefers could not possibly know these circumstances it still follows that mutual respect should be the watchword for our encounters with each other in SL or anywhere. The griefers were reported with the documentation but again it is up to Linden Labs to ban people who persist in these obnoxious activities and unfortunately I am not sure they were actually banned.  I have seen this same group in at least one other locale doing the exact same thing. I remember the voice being turned off by the parcel owner to stop the verbal abuse and foulness that was spewing from these folks.

Submitted by Riana Erin
Workaround written by Liliana Bethune, Lilipily Jewelry
This note composed by and compliments of:

NOTE: The latest Second Life release has caused some interesting problems, due to a new limitation imposed in it by Linden Lab to force builds to be less prim or especially vertice intense and supposedly ease the problems of lag. This imposition has caused existing builds to not manifest properly, so that bits and pieces appear to be missing. This happens whether the build is of normal prims or sculpted. It happens because there are too many prims in the same area, with too many faces needing to be ‘seen.’ It is worse in any area where there are a lot of prims, or avs gather with a lot of attachments – so pieces of buildings don’t rez, or bits of hair or jewellery or clothing can’t be seen.

Until the growing outcry from content creators and their customers forces Linden Lab to return the higher rez ability that was seen in previous release versions, there is only one way that you can ensure that you will see your multi-prim jewellery, or other extensive builds, effectively. It won’t help other people to see them better, if they haven’t used this work-around, but it will help you know that the area you’re visiting or the jewellery you’re wearing, for instance, actually IS there, and can be enjoyed by you – and also anyone you tell this workaround to. Here it is:

At the top of your screen, next to the Help button, there is an Advanced button. If you can’t see that button, Press ctrl – alt – shift – d. The Advanced button should appear.
Open the Advanced menu and scroll down to the option called “debug settings.” This will open a box, where you can either type in, or use the drop down menu to select the setting, “RenderMaxNodeSize.” Change the value (it will probably be 4096) to 8192, though you could go as high as 9001 so long as it doesn’t cause you any other problems.
Hopefully, when the next release comes in a few months time, this problem will be fixed in the system. In the meantime, spread the word!

I discovered this problem when I brought out sculpted handmade necklace chains I made many months ago, thinking I would now attach some pendants to them. They just didn’t rez properly, and had lots of pieces missing, though I could see them in edit – and though the bits that were invisible weren’t transparent, they just didn’t show on my screen. I can tell you that was extremely frustrating, because I’d spent so much time on these chains, and didn’t use a machine/script generator to make them (quirk of mine, that I like to make my stuff by hand and eye, alone – especially since I did buy that generator, but have never yet used it!).

They were well over 200 pieces in each chain, and to find that they were suddenly unworkable was really disappointing. So, when I discovered that this is an SL problem, that has been in-built in the latest release, I breathed a sigh of relief that I didn’t have to rework them – but, then, realising that sculpted prims have a multitude of vertices that ordinary prims don’t, and that so many in one object would create problems for anyone who didn’t use this workaround, or who didn’t have the computer capacity to use this workaround, I felt that it would be unfair to use the beautiful chains I had created from the lovely sculpted links I’d bought – so, I started from scratch, anyway, to create new chains solely from cut and tortured prims. Now, they may still create some problems for you, if your computer setup is a slow one, because cut and tortured ordinary prims also have more faces than usual. But I did reset to the default levels of my RenderMaxNodeSize, and saw that they rendered well on my screen – so I believe you will only have any problems with these chains if you are in an area where lots of avs are wearing high prim levels, or the area you are in is prim intense. In that case, the above workaround may still work for you, so that you can see your beautiful jewellery on yourself, at least.

Editor’s note: This is one helpful tip for those using the new Viewer 2 and have items not manifesting properly.


                                    * Community-Strength-Togetherness *


1 Comment

  1. Dot said,

    April 6, 2010 at 6:48 AM

    Update on Nalates’ article re Devokan and the MOUL forum:

    The Devokan thread has not been locked, but has been moved to the Creativity section of the MOUL forum and a ‘Fan Fiction’ tag added to the title:

    This means it will be possible to post summaries of journal entries, events and conversations on the MOUL thread, though any role-playing (e.g. between Quin, Nal and myself) will need to be elsewhere — probably on the GoMa forum, as Nal said.

    The MOUL moderators have been very helpful and supportive in all of this.

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