Issue #300 Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Issue #300 Tuesday, March 23, 2010




Rehnehmtahn Later

r’/reh         = the; definite article; can be combined with other prefixes, such as breh- (to the), freh- (on the), greh- (and the), khreh- (for the), mreh- (from the), and treh- (in the / by the / with the) (ex.) grehoonahn chehto okh rehzeewai and the leadership of the mission



Jamey Inventor
Tuesday, 1:00 – 2:00 PM SL and 2:00-3:00 PM KI time
Location: Cavern Book Club Bevin contact Jamey KI# 46415 if Bevin is not showing in Nexus.

Bring a copy of the Myst novels, as well as other Myst-related things that you’d like to read. Microphones are highly recommended if you want to read to everyone.



Tichelle Teebrook

MadPea Circus Update
Wednesday, March 17, 2010
Reporter:  HelPea Tichelle Teebrook

By Kiana Writer
We have some special treats for you guys! Today at 11am SLT we are opening the Mad West with some new fun and a Gold hunt with a big big prize.

On Friday we are opening a clothes and accessories store together with our partner Mango – talented designers in SL. DJ Colin will be there with good music  and we’ll have a crazy hunt with naturally the best prizes.

See you all soon!

Not much longer to wait! The Mad Mad West with many interactive games will open on Wednesday at 11am SLT. Will you be the first one to find gold and win
10 000?!!!

Landmark will be sent as a group notice! Stay tuned..

Note from Ti”:  There will be a new LM issued, but just prior to the event.  Contact me or go to the Main MadPea Circus Landmark.

Malia Writer
Follow Malia in RL on her China adventure at:

Jandai Writer
*if you find any links to interesting places, please forward them to Jandai Writer.



SkydiverWatashi Fall
Tuesday, 12:00 PM to 4:00 PM SLT

Come to CLUB TOK in Gira City on Tuesdays for BLUE MONDAY ON TUESDAY, the best in Blues, old and new.   Da Blues Man



Rehnehmtahn Later (Rehn)
D’NI 101
Wednesday, 7:00 PM (SL)
Location is the Tokatah Terrace overlooking the canyon in the City.



If you have a product, sale, update, hunt you are participating in or if you change the location of your store, please drop me a note.

JAN’S LIFESTYLE LIVING *please note this is a new location for the sim and this is main LM
Jandai Writer

DeAnn Dufaux

Park Place is Participating in the Building Blocks Hunt from March 1 to March 29

Jazz Porta


SkydiverWatashi Fall

Info on Note

URU Cavern Skydivers moved here when URU game shut down 2 years ago.   Now the URU game is back up and running most of us have rejoined our friends there too. 
Our place here in Bestone was a home for all of the ppl that came from URU to SL.  From there we scattered to other areas in SL. Bestone even developed into a rental property to support the acivities of URU Cavern Skydiver Competitions and donations to URU places such as Eder Gira.  It is time for Bestone to move on as all of us have.

The property will be sold and and any profits will be donated to Eder Gira
as no individual in the group can make a profit from the sale.

To our Renters,  Thank You for your loyalty to us over the last 2 yrs…
Your rent is free for the next 45 days or , until you find a new place to live. 

512 Donations:  Pls wait to take them back until the property has been sold.  Unless you are a renter that has donated a 512 and need it for a free house in SL

The property will be sold and and any profits will be donated to Eder Gira
as no individual in the group can make a profit from the sale.

Dot Macchi
Available late March/early April

If you’ve been following the Developments in Devokan thread on MOUL or the blog at you will have seen that the Devokan team is currently in transition to a new set of regions on the OSgrid.

As a result, two large plots of land, each 6144 m^2 with a prim allowance of 1406 prims, on the beautifully themed Winterfell Reverie island will become available in late March/early April.

Winterfell Reverie is part of the Winterfell group of eleven fantasy medieval sims and three fantasy Tudor/Elizabethan/Victorian sims. To quote the covenant: ‘Winterfell is a twilight fantasy region designed and inspired by stories, dreams and creative interpretations of reality.’ More details about Winterfell (including the covenant) are on its ning site at .

Winterfell is to the north of Caledon, so it makes an ideal base for exploration by the extensive waterways (both plots have direct access to river or sea) or by air. Indeed, a ferry system is currently under development to serve the Winterfell community and even reach Caledon Cape Wrath.

If desired, existing buildings could be left on the land (e.g. Rustica Seaside Cottage and Skye Castles Gothic Keep) for people to furnish as they wish. They are lovely buildings, and work well with the island’s architectural theme.

The rent/tier is 3000 L$ per week, payable to a tier box in the Winterfell Estate Office. The estate owner is the helpful and obliging Miss Serra Anansi.

If you are interested or would like more details, please contact Dot Macchi before 24 March. Thanks!

PS It’s such a lovely area that I shall be staying here, but in a smaller corner plot. Dot.



Svigermor Dhamen

SkydiverAnarta Fall and SkydiverColorado Calloway

Interested in Geocaching? Well, Eder Gira is now part of the ‘ Official Metaverse Geocaching Hunt”
Follow this link:



Dichromus Miles and Zedra Benoir
Tuesday, 5:00 – 7:00 PM (SL)

Alty Saphir & Rekbarel Turkel



Angelfire Teebrook
March 19 to April 18

From the notecard:

Welcome to our mall!
Bejambled Jewelry Outlet carries ONLY jewelry by some of the most talented content creators in the business. Feed your desires with a selection from rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, diamonds, chains, chokers, jewels, gems at the Jewelry Outlet

Please visit these wonderful shops and join in the Easter Hunt. 

The rules :
Hidden around the mall are small bunnies containing jewelry items that were never released. They are not simple freebies, those are real high quality gifts.

The hunt runs from March 19th to April 18th.  So you have plenty of time to search and to tell all of your friends!

The rules are :
– Each bunny contains a piece of a puzzle. You should, therefore, find them all to put this puzzle together !
– The bunnies are numbered so that you know if you have them all
– The pieces are given on a random basis.
Those who will be able to piece this puzzle together will win an additional prize consisting of a very nice mystery gift !
However, do not believe the bunnies will be easy to find….  you will have to search quite a lot which will give you the opportunity to enjoy our shops at the same time… To help you though, the shops participating to the hunt have a poster displayed on their window.

As soon as you have the puzzle ready, link the pieces together and send it to Anyraya Braveheart to get your winner gift ! In you have problems in linking the puzzle together, don’t hesitate to call Anyraya for help.

Additionally, should there be several winners, we will place their names into a drawing for L$15.000.  The hunt lasts through April 18th.  The drawing will take place within a week of the hunt’s end. 

This hunt is made possible by the residents of Bejambled Jewelry Outlet and hunters like you.
Special thanks to our sponsors : AZE Design, Diamond Dreams, Cel Fine Jewellery, Finesmith Designs, Foxchase Designs, Grogo’s Gadgets, G&G Creations, Lapointe&Bastchild, Ozimals, Pannie’s, Star’s Gems, Studio Sidhe and Tama.

Also please join our group to be kept aware of special sales, promotions and events.
You can also refer to our website :


Please be sure to visit us often and mark your agenda for the next treasure hunt in June !

Cory Handcroft, Owner
Anyraya Braveheart, Mall Manager

DMom2K Darwin
March 21 to April 30

From the notecard:

Pandas International and Kastle Rock Couture Present:
                         THE GREAT PANDA HEIST GRIDWIDE HUNT
                                          Mar 21th – Apr 30th
Welcome Hunters!

    We put the fun back in fundraising! Only Pandas Int’l and KR Couture could bring you a classic gridwide hunt mixed with an adventure, all the while rasing donations for and awareness of the plight of the Giant Panda, one of the most endagered animals on the planet. In most of our hunt locations you may see blue donation boxes similar to the hunt sign. Please give whatever you can. Every linden is donated and really, who doesn’t love a panda? Help us ensure the survival of this beautiful and lovable species before they vanish forever.
    In the hunt item at store #1 (Kastle Rock Couture) you will find a notecard containing a story. Please read it and then set out on your quest!

**This is a hunt for adult avs. It was requested of vendors to supply a male and female or unisex item.
First off, lets get the rules out of the way.
1. Please do not disclose the location of the hunt item openly. If someone needs help or if you’re in a group, kindly use private IM or friends conference, never local chat.

2. If you need help, it is available via the hint blog and in the group chat for “The Great Panda Heist Hunt Group.” The group is open for hunters if the hunt is active. If you have a real issue, notecard an organizer.  **Please never give exact locations of items in the hunt chat!!

NEVER contact the store owner!!
Good Luck!!



Riana Eiren

Thanks to Riana on a very nice write up of this store.

Riana’s report:

This unique store is one I came across several months ago on a hunt–it’s been so long I can’t remember which one. I lost the LM to the store and couldn’t remember its name, but I went back there by chance a few days ago on a MM/LC/SD hunt and recognized the store instantly!

This memorable shop (an open-air pirate ship on a beach) features exquisite details and textures on some very unusual pieces (like the coral necklaces and earrings). (I remember curiously going up to the coral sets the very first time I was there, to see what the unusual shapes were.)

[[While I was there, I heard the proprietor–I say heard because although we “met” I never saw her! (SL was in one of its moods lol) I think at one point I finally saw a little blue cloud…and the smoke from her cigar! At any rate we had a fascinating conversation about MMs, hunts, her shop, jewelry creation–just to name a few of our topics.]] I told her about The D’ni Voice (of course!) and she gave me a blogger’s kit

Here are some of the goodies to be found there:
*MM, target 20: “Hand tied pearl necklace,” long length. Lustrous, glimmering pearls reach mid-way between collarbone and cleavage; I got it and tried it on–it fits perfectly with possibly only a little adjustment to the height, draping gently over the shoulders without sticking into the back of the neck or sticking up from the chest. The pearls shimmer and all but show reflections, but are not shiney and don’t bling.

On the upper deck,
*LC, 5 mins. The first prize I witnessed was a  delicate blown glass bead necklace in pink, which  then changed to a teardrop Jade pendant with silver findings strung on a  black leather cord.

Don’t forget to notice the lucky shamrock on the floor near the MM board! (not sure how often the lucky letter changes)
Visitors also get the chance to donate to the Komen foundation and/or stroll on the small beach.

Kerryth Tarantal

We are closing all of our clothing lines in Second Life (Prim & Proper, Debutante and Tiny Debutante).  From now until March 31st, all of our Debutante and Tiny Debutante outfits are marked at $49L.   This includes vendors in our flagship store in Shengri La and in our store in Victoriana.

 With Warm Regards,

~Shenlei Flasheart

Shenlei Winkler
Fashion Research Institute, Inc.

DMom2K Darwin

Sale section has hair color packs for $1L or $20L with a nice selection of non flexy and flexi hair.

Riana Eiren

Check out the great hair specials Gurl6 puts out starting on Mondays.




DMom2K Darwin


Man was the lag king! Many Snail Racing notables showed up to take part – it truly was a slimfest. I got totally stuck at the start along with some others and finally crawled over the Rabbit’s toes and made my around and started down the road after being passed by most of the pack….I was doing fine and catching up and passing other snails when a rogue sim crossing caught me and pulled me under the road and wouldn’t let me go….Thanks to waelya Tenk who tped me out so I could continue. Things seemed good and I found there needs to be a Snail Racing Tip #2….. relog before racing (note to Sante….) I had been at a practice just before and did not have time to relog to my regret. Yes, I crashed…but luckily got back in at the same spot and charged or should I say slimed forward. I actually caught up with the first large scrum of snails and made it over the finish line. I have NO clue where I placed as there was a malfunction of the finish line but I feel I did good just making it to the end and of course this is for such a great cause plus we got great trophies and super cool tee shirts. I will let you know when the next relay is and what sims you can go to be a spectator or if you want to race, this is a great opportunity to get the feel of the Giant Snail. Many thanks to all who came out to race with us and made their donation to RFL.

Poetry Sorbet (under construction)

Shop Talk is a new community project gearing up to help content creators, educators and builders connect and grow even stronger through a centralized location for information and commercial notices.

Shop Talk will help you connect!

– You’re new to building and need help finding classes and reputable suppliers.
– You design and sell animations, scripts, textures, or sculpts but you struggle with traffic or your classified ad is on page 100.
– You manage an educational facility with an active group and want to get your class schedule out to a broader audience.
– You run a successful supply store and know there are builders who may not know your store or when you have new releases.

There are many people in the SL building community with many different needs.  Some have to make difficult choices about which groups to join when they hit their limit of 25. Shop Talk will help you reach people who may not be able to join your group but would still like to know your calendar of events or about new releases.

Shop Talk will have four main components: a touring HUD, a website with forums, the in-world group through which people may send out notices, and an optional chat-enabled group for people who might also wish to participate in an off-topic social group – Shop Talk Breakroom – with others who share their fundamental interest in building.

Shop Talk has five main goals:

1. To help the currently active builder & education groups reach a broader audience by putting their class schedules and events out to those who may not be group members
2. To support content creators by providing a network of accountability and visibility so consumers can shop with confidence in the reputation and legitimacy of those who supply their building needs through Shop Talk
3. To help new builders plug in to existing builder communities and find educational resources and building-supply providers that will give them as smooth a start as possible
4. To connect builders with established stores and new creators alike through website directories and an in-world touring HUD
5. To improve the day-to-day quality of life for Second Life’s creative citizens by simplifying the basics of shopping and building in our virtual world

Shop Talk group roles are currently projected to include Administration, Content Review (staff who shall review rules violations in notices), Content Provider (Sim/Store Owners), Consultant (people who are willing to be listed as 24/7 “on call” mentors available for IM), and the basic member rank which is currently labeled as Creative Mind.

Poetry Sorbet, Founder & Lead Administrator – contact me with any questions and/or interest in participating & feel free to pass this notecard on to any of your friends who are active in the creative side of Second Life! (under construction)


                                    * Community-Strength-Togetherness *


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