Issue #279 Thursday, February 18, 2010

                                            THE D’NI VOICE

Issue #279 Thursday, February 18, 2010




Tichelle Teebrook

Please list your SL name and your MOULagain name/s plus your KI number/s.
*Disclaimer*:  By allowing me to have your name on this list you are agreeing to have any and all of us add you to our Buddies List.  AND, if I have your name on this list and you do not want it as such, please, please tell me and I will remove it.  K, thanks.

Idea of DMom to add this link for you. MOUL Forum LIsting is here:
MOULagain Forum KI List

And also consider putting this link in your profile for the MOULagain sign up info.

Akiva Timeless/ #1365715
Alden Alderson/ Alden #277331
Alexandra Sloat/ #354434
Anarta Anatra/ #131043
Angelfire Teebrook/ Angelfire  #123015
Artair Glendullen/      #100252
Betara Brandenburg/  #320062
BJ  Manatiso/ Big_John #216736
Bobo Loring/Bobo      #320695
Callie/ #395843
DeAnn Dufaux/DeAnn  #78903
Dichromus/ KI# 00084880
DMom2K Darwin / DMom2K   #74181 & GameBoomer #83122
Donahoo Destiny/Donahoo  #79779 & Karaoke #224088
Dot Macchi/ #138156 &  Dot/ #137263
Eleri/ #1498
Fax Paladin/ #48489
Filbert Holmer/ #67920
Genny7 Marcus/ Genny7 #886907
granelda Oh/granelda  #332851
Horatio/ #75975
Inanna Barrowstone/ Inanna #453935 & Myss Terrie #450234
Jamey/ #46415
Jandai Writer/ Jandai  #142166 & RaPhil  #148947
JeffeJ5005/Jeff Lewis/ 35155
Jubie722/ # 78324 & 722/  #83170 & keekeelou/ # 85115
Kerryth Tarantal/Kerryth   #25627
Leighana Lohner/ Leighana   #50680
Lelam Dresler/Lelam     #376604
MaliaLydia/Lydia #185821
Melnd Constantine/Mel’nd  #732330
Mireena/ #61726 
My Quest Sideways/MyQuest  #441346
Nalates/ Nalates #111451  & Guild of Cartographers/ #219651 – temporary
Petal Lurra/ Jenuue    #185761
Ravenclaw McCaw/ Ravenclaw McCaw      #357010
Rehnehmatahn Later/ r’Tayrtahn #308297
Rihki Luftig/ Rih’ki  #238329
Ruby O’Degee/   #379788
shenendoah Tigerpaw/   #460657
SkydiverColorado Calloway/ Colorado  #131934 & Skydiver Colorado    #347379
SkydiverJim Barbasz/ Skydiverjim    KI #  202461
Sumi Rehula/Sumatria   #175909
Taimaru Hak/ Taimaru  #101701
Tichelle Teebrook/Ti’chelle   #229271
Tichelle Teebrook/Ti’chelle McCaw  #472915
TOOO/  #194360 & Skydiver TOOO/  #347569
TorEd Python/ TorEd    #170504
Ural Arado/ural    #153422
Veovis Nightfire/ fingolfin   #377892
Vortmax Mumfuzz/   #89219
Zedra Benoir/ Zedra   #86793
Send any updates to Tichelle Teebrook or DMom2K Darwin.  Thanks!

Montgomery – MOUL Forums
Twitter List

If you Twitter here is a list that is growing rapidly – it seems we have found many other tools in the ages we exiled to…. Alahmnat says, “I’m pleased to say that RAWA’s given me the OK to return to the Cavern as a former ResEng. I’ll probably still be around mostly as Alahmnat, but if you see G.Buddell hanging around, that’s me too.  I’m also on the Twitter at @ResEngBuddell  But I no longer have magic powahs, so don’t get stuck on the railing in the Kadish Moon Room and then call me to get you off it, Resolute Guardian! Wink  ”

Nighty Goodspeed – Twisted Thorn Textures
Thursday, 1:30 PM (SLT)
Learning to use the edit menu texture tools
Class duration – approximately one hour

Texturing is probably the most important aspect of taking a build that is ordinary to one that is extraordinary.  This class will cover the textures tab – what all of it means and how to use it to your advantage.   The first portion of the class will be a quick overview of the basics and the second portion will take it to a more detailed and advanced level.

Rehnehmtahn Later

te-foon-et, memorial.  Rawa.  (Cf. teh and rifoon-.)



DMom2K Darwin

From the notecard:

“To the see the STUNNING Galaxies in the distance,
Please set your draw distance to 128 or higher , and make sure your particles are set to at least 4096.
You can do this in Edit… Preferences…. Graphics…. Custom….


Four Galaxies

I wanted to make galaxies – I don’t know why. I have been working on a very large scale lately and was trying to think of some appropriate context for my next installation. What could be of a larger scale than the universe? This installation consists of four artworks in the shape (roughly) of galaxies. Each galaxy is contained in a 100 meter sphere. There are dynamic interactions within each galaxy sphere; the galaxies do not interact with one another. The galaxies’ “stars” are created with particles only, except the highly complex “Blue Flower” galaxy, in which an orbiting prim continuously rezzes locally orbiting smaller prims each of which is generating a series of continuously updated particles. It is my personally favorite galaxy. Set your sun to midnight. There are blue TP spheres into each galaxy, and a vehicle that you can ride in for a great circle tour of the entire installation. Enjoy! Many thanks, as always, to Zachh Cale for his continuing support of these sim-sized installations, which would not be possible without his generosity and patience. Every artist should have such a friend!”

Oberon Onmura
February, 2010

p.s. visit my new shop!

Yellow Conch Gallery

Four Galaxies - Yellow Conch Galaxy

Blue Flower Galaxy

Four Galaxies - Blue Flower Galaxy

Black Attractors Galaxy

Four Galaxies - Black Attractors Galaxy

Rosy Rings Galaxy

Four Galaxies - Rosy Rings Galaxy

Malia Writer

Jandai Writer

*if you find any links to interesting places, please forward them to Jandai Writer.



Skydiverpeni Fall
Sunday, 11:00 AM (SL)

The Myst Dancers will be performing here and we know what a great show they put on!

From the notecard:

“We are pleased to announce our February Sacred Dance Mini-Fest: LIGHT FANTASTIC! It will be held on Sunday, February 21st at 11 AM SLT in the new Sky Theatre above New Earth Star Island Estate (NESIE). Featured will be the dance troupes Starheart’s Angels and MYST with a special appearence by the Goddess Dancers. As a finale the audience will be invited to dance as well.

Starheart’s Angels
In real life Starheart Erdhein has been a Ballroom and interpretive dance teacher. She now has a dance troupe in Second Life, using three HUDS of over 200 dances. The troupe dances to New Age, Celtic, Native American, African, Latin and Oldies.  They perform at various events, especially Spirit-orientated, also weddings and other joyous celebrations. They do not perform at “Adult” classified gatherings or sims. Video Trailer: IF INTERESTED IN SOLICITING THE SERVICES OF  STARHEART’S ANGELS PLEASE CONTACT Starheart Erdhein, co-founder of the New EarthStar Island Estate.

Starheart’s Na’vi Dancers

From among the Starheart’s Angels Dance Troupe some of the members also dance as Na’vi. We dance together for our own enjoyment every Friday night at the Na’vi Sanctary above NESIE. Humans are welcome too!

The Myst Dancers

Our Mission: Mesmerize their eyes, touch their souls and leave them longing for more.

The Troupe: The Myst Dancers are a group of friends who originally met whilst playing MystOnLine/ UruLive. When MOUL ceased in 2008 we came over to Second Life, bringing our  belief and zest for fun and enthusiasm into our world here. As a dance troupe we have performed at many events in SL including, the 2009 Wedding Expo, Burning Life, the Grand Opening of Myst Island, Dance Festival 2009, 4th of July Celebrations, Anniversary Celebrations at the Boga sim and numerous other smaller events. We can provide dance performances customised to your requirements as to number of performances and duration.  Performances would normally require a minimum of 4-6 dancers. We can provide 8/10 dancers if required.  Performances can include simple audience participation dances. Music and dance performances can either be timetabled according to your requirements, or on a semi-continuous basis as when an audience gathers. The troupe is perfect for opening fashion shows, as an intermission between artists or as a stand alone act. The troupe is situated on the Eder Gira sim where many of us reside. The sim is a replication of many of the areas of UruLive.

Interested in hiring the troupe or finding out fees etc? Contact SkydiverPeni Fall, Betara Brandenberg or CHARLOTTEMARIE Tigerpaw via IM or notecard.

The Goddess Dancers

The Goddess Dancers, lead by Caryl Meredith will perform an adagio to The Song from a Secret Garden followed by an up beat passionate filled dance to Papillon by Dexter Ihnen. The Goddesses performing are from different spiritual sims and paths but unite in their love for music and dance as a medium for meditation and expression of the divine feminine. 

For information regarding the Goddess Dancers contact Caryl Meredith.

Mini-Festival Location:

~ Starheart Erdhein ~
New Earth Star Island Estate



Rehnehmtahn Later (Rehn)
D’ni 101
Thursday, 8:00 AM (SL)
and 8:30 PM (SL)
Location is the Tokatah Terrace overlooking the canyon in the City.

D’NI 201
Thursday, 10:00 AM (SL) & 9:30 PM (SL)
Location is the Tokatah Terrace overlooking the canyon in the City.

.shorah gah bigtotee

Borg Capalini
Thursday, 4:30 PM (SL)

Type: Beginner Mode Event Rod Best Catch Roundup
Prizes: 1st: L$300, 2nd: L$150, 3rd: L$100, Best Catch: L$50 + Reward Points and Trophies
This is free to fish in and is a good way to get introduced to Neo Realms fishing!!  See for more information.

atrebor Zenovka
Thursday, 4:30 PM SL



Donahoo Destiny
Friday, 3:00 PM (SL), 4:00 PM KI time, 6:00 PM EST
and in the Karaoke Bevin
D’ni-J will be  Donahoo_DJ

To listen in Uru, you have to plug this url : into your browser or your music player: i.e. Windows Media Player, WinAmp; iTunes, or Yahoo music if anyone is still using that one.



If you have a product, sale, update, hunt you are participating in or if you change the location of your store, please drop me a note.

Luckylady Llewellyn & BJ Manatiso

“Naturescapes, owned by Luckylady Llewellyn with BJ Manatiso as the texture slave, now has three stores open with freebies and changing inventory!  Come see!”

SkydiverColorado Calloway & SkydiverAnarta Fall

You will find a range of reasonably priced furniture in the style of Post and Rail, lamps and rugs, plus an extensive collection of modifiable rocks, stepping stones and off shore/sim rocks for your garden. In addition, you will find some old favorites in the garden to purchase…Working Relto Pillars with Fissure and a sculpted Kemo Tree!

* All proceeds support the Eder Gira sim.

Averone Designs is participating in the My Heart Bleeds Blue Hunt from February 1 to February 28, start point here:
and Welcoming the Tiger Hunt from February 1 to February 28, start point here:

Kerryth Tarantal

Spyralle by Kerryth Tarantal:

Kerryth Tarantal Studio Galleries


Pilatus Masala
Three plots to rent on seaside from 512m to 560m $400L/Week IM Pilatus Masala if interested

Vortmax Mumfuzz
See in-world newsletter for notecard or IM Vortmax Mumfuzz for info.

Catrina Dragonash
See in-world newsletter for notecard or IM Catrina Dragonash for info.

SkydiverAnarta Fall
See in-world newsletter for notecard or IM SkydiverAnarta Fall for info.



SkydiverAnarta Fall & SkydiverColorado Calloway



Mia Kitchensink
2:30 PM to 3:30 PM (SL)
DJ: Dichromus Miles

Ravenclaw McCaw



DMom2K Darwin
Hunt: April 2 to May 3
Applications due: March 12 to Rox Arten

Celebrating Gaia – accepting applications until 3/12
Only 75 vendors!

When: April 2 – May 3, 2010

Application Deadline: March 12, 2010!

Hunt limit: 75 Vendors


Vendor Info & Application:

Secrets of Gaia presents:
Celebrating Gaia! (A grid wide earth day celebration hunt)
April 2nd, 2010 through May 3th, 2010.
Application Deadline March 12, 2010!
Hunt limit: 75 Vendors and will be ordered in the order applications are received.

A bit about our theme:
This hunt is to celebrate earth day and the planet we all call home. For those not aware Gaia is the Greek name used to refer to mother earth (there are more then 25 names for her in various cultures), some call her goddess but she was much more then that, she is the earth itself. So, for this hunt you can go more mainstream with your gifts and lean toward earth day celebrations or get more into the mythological side of it. I want to leave things open both for the ability to reach a wider audience and for the ability for each vendor to express themselves creatively however they see fit. I am including resources that range from earth day to Greek mythology simply to help everyone out and allow you to see the wide range of options this theme has to offer.

Research list (to get you started): (for a list of alternative culture names scroll down to the earth mothers list)

Hunt Guidelines and Rules:
*NOTE: I am looking for vendors who take making a commitment seriously. I completely understand that real life comes first and that sometimes things happen and I am absolutely sympathetic to that fact. However, in all things I will protect the hunt chain and the interest of the other vendors where needed. If you can not be set up on time and do not reply to the requests to correct if needed, please understand that it is not personal that I will for the interest of the rest of the hunt vendors remove those stores who don’t get set up and replace them. *

1. Only original creators no resellers (this includes authorized resellers or BIB items), clubs, rentals, or copyrighted materials (such as art taken from the web, duplication of another’s work by any means, or any such non original work) if it’s not your own original work then please don’t apply. Obviously use of purchased textures, scripts, templates, and sculpties is fine as those items are sold to content creators for use in their work. If you have a few authorized reseller vendors I won’t disqualify you, that is different then a shop who is selling mostly or entirely non original content.

2. One location per store and one store per person please. I will be limiting this hunt to 75 stops max please give others opportunity to join us. You may include gifts from multiple stores in one package if you wish to promote these other businesses. (If you wish to place a second location or additional shop on the reserve list for filling in any spots last minute that we might have to fill then please add that to the bottom of your application including a LM)

3. You will receive an invitation to the hunt vendors group upon acceptance of your application; you must remain in the vendor group. I understand group slots are limited but it is important to be able to communicate with the vendors effectively and this is the best option for that.

4. Gifts may be anything you wish to create, or if you prefer an item from your stock but please no freebies repackaged. This only annoys hunters to work to find the hunt item and then open it to find only stuff they could have gotten as a freebie without hunting. Also remember that if you give an item that isn’t up to the quality of what you sell or doesn’t somehow show what your items are then you hurt yourself.

5. Please try to build something that at least loosely fits the theme, the theme has a wide range of ways to build for it even loosely. I won’t force you to build for the theme, I’m not inspecting gifts. But it’s an opportunity to think outside the box if you don’t already have items along the line of the theme or expand on what you do have if you do.

6. If possible including a male item or unisex item is encouraged but not required.

7. Object must be no more then 30 meters from the point at which the hunters land. If your location is in a mall or location with centralized teleporting you will need to be able to put up a sign pointing them to your store. Please check with Mall/Market/Rental managers that you can do this. I won’t come around measuring these, unless I get complaints that it’s half a mile away. Please use your best judgment. In the Silver & Gold hunt my own object was further away but then it was also a 50m bell.

8. The hunt object may be hidden however you see fit, however, it may not be hidden so that it is enclosed fully in another object, only a tiny bit of it shows, or is otherwise nearly impossible to locate.

9. The hunt object must be set to sell contents NOT a copy (which gives the hunters a folder rather then making them have to rez a box) and will be set to L$0 and no more!

10. Your gifts must be boxed/bagged before placing them in the hunt object. The folder given to the hunter should only contain 2 items, the landmark to the next location and your gift package!

11. The Hunt Signs. Upon acceptance you will receive an application sign, once all spots are filled or we reach the application deadline a prehunt sign will be sent out, and just before the hunt a final hunt info sign will be sent out. You will need to have a sign out from the time you are accepted to the time the hunt ends. I expect within 48 hours of sending the new sign (barring rl keeping you from logging on in that time) you will have the sign replaced with the new one.

12. If your shop moves or you drop out of the hunt for any reason you must notify an organizer so that we can keep the chain from being broken which only hurts other vendors in the hunt. If possible a day’s notice would help to ensure we can replace the lm in the previous box. I do understand that sometimes even the vendor does not know in advance that the location is going to be suddenly relocated or vanish. If you move the shop on the same lot and are not using forced landing points it is also important you notify me with a corrected LM, if the hunters land 100m away and as many do have their draw distance set low to help with lag from hunting they may not even see your shop if it’s moved.

13. You must have both the sign and the hunt object, set to sell for 0 out for the walk through. I have to be able to check the LM’s in them to ensure one last time just before the hunt that every LM sent out is correct and working properly. You do NOT have to have the gift included, you can just leave it with the lm or place a notecard saying that the hunt starts soon come back then in it. I will be checking that you have the hunt info sign and the lm in your hunt object works properly.

14. You must have your hunt gift placed in the object and hidden by midnight for the hunt start. I will most likely start the hunt at my shop at midnight and work through the entire chain until it’s completed just after the start to ensure that all is working properly and to gather hints where needed.

15. I do not see this as ‘my hunt’ I am the organizer, the one who chose to organize and ‘run’ the hunt, however, this is everyparticipating vendor’s hunt. I will if changes are made or needed ask for input in the group. I will however make the choice that seems to be both majority opinion and best for the majority of those involved. Please treat me with respect as I will always treat you with respect.

Thank you for reading this, I have tried to keep the rules simple, if others are deemed nessecary later on I will then add them. Please know that I greatly appreciate your work in preparing your shop location and creating a wonderful gift for our hunters and thank you for placing your trust in my ability to pull this hunt off smoothly and without drama or other issues along the way. Please know, if there is any issue or question you can IM me at any time, I will respond as soon as possible.
Thank you,
Rox Arten
Celebrating Gaia Hunt Organizer

Application Instructions:
*NOTE: Read the instructions carefully, those who do not follow them will be omitted from this hunt as it is important that the hunt vendors can read and follow instructions*

1 Create a new notecard and name it “Celebrating Gaia ” (by creating your own notecard it will make it easier to pull up your profile by properties to send you the hunt object when it’s time)
Example: Celebrating Gaia Secrets of Gaia Rox Arten

2 Copy the following to the notecard and fill in the information. I am asking for both landmark (to include in hunt boxes) and SLURL (just in case sl glitches and wipes the landmark).

Shop Name:
Your Name:
Alternate contact or partner (if any):
Have you read the rules and guidelines, and agree to abide by them?

3. Be sure that you included your landmark and the notecard saved and drop the completed application on the profile of Rox Arten.



DMom2K Darwin

Nice leather pants for $0L for the ladies.



Sonja Morgwain – Second Life Library 2.0
Thursday, 6:00 PM (SLT)

Interviews with Avatars: Online Interview Research in Second Life February 18th at 6 SLT (SLT) In the Readers’ Garden   The event draws on my book, Online Interviews in Real Time ( ) In this interactive discussion I will focus on research design and ethical issues. I would like to hear what others are doing, thinking about or writing in terms of data collection.


                                    * Community-Strength-Togetherness *


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